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Hello guys, i have served HBL for 13 years as my first job i join HBL in 12.08.2010 as cash officer as i was terminated as on 26.07.2023 when i put resign with one month notice from the post of branch manager. While giving resign i was verbally threaten by my area manager that you cannot easily left HBL as i cannot make this simple as you think i tell him sir i serve 13 year and my pay scale is not enough to might the expenses of my family as also if you see the manager pay scale is handsome while i get half of that pay how can i manage he refuse to take my resign then after one day i send email and he verbally transfer me to regional office that i confirmed you resign and now you may spend your notice period at regional office i go and start spending my notice period in regional office as a branch manager it is very dis-graceful that you spend 13 years in one institute and at the end they treat you like this like a peon.

After giving my resignation on 18.05.2023 I received a showcase notice from HR as on 25.05.2023 that my resignation was not accepted we conducted an inquiry against you regarding the theft of data ok after two days I got the email that i had shared one email for customer data regarding credit card as on 12.05.2023 on my personal email and the bank telephone directory in 17.05.2023 while i put my resign on 18.05.2023. bank conducted the inquiry and made me guilty while i gave them proof that credit card cm data was wrongly transferred to my personal email while i transferred my personal data inadvertently this mail selected in sent to my personal email (also mentioned here that the bank has already given me personal email excess on outlook so i have already this type of several mail till now) my question here is that a bank IT system is so weak that anyone can mail to outsider and they did not check on the same day and if they check why did not they mail me for explanation while i have not put resign on 12.08.2023 when i transfer mail they send me show case in my notice period which is clearly shows that your senior target you just because you are getting up and receive good opportunity in market please guide what should i do i also put appeal in HR but still no response

From Pakistan
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Hi Sakib,

Given the complex and potentially serious nature of the situation you've described, it may be best to seek legal advice from an advocate. They can provide guidance on how to navigate this situation and protect your rights.

In the meantime, you could consider the following steps:

Document Everything:
Keep detailed records of all communications, including emails, notices, and any other relevant documentation. This will be important if you need to present evidence in the future.

Contact an Advocate
Find an Advocate who specializes in employment law. They can review your case and advise you on the best course of action.

Respond to the Show Cause Notice:
If you haven't already, respond to the show cause notice in writing. Be factual, clear, and provide any evidence or explanations that you have.

Follow Company Procedures:
Ensure that you are following any internal procedures for disputes or grievances. This may involve appealing the decision through HR or another designated channel.

Stay Professional:
Continue to conduct yourself professionally throughout this process. Avoid any actions that could be perceived as confrontational or unprofessional.

Seek Mediation or Arbitration:
Depending on your jurisdiction and employment contract, there may be avenues for mediation or arbitration to resolve the dispute.

Consider Alternative Employment:
While pursuing legal action, you may want to explore other job opportunities to ensure the continuity of your career.


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