Hi all... Good day... May I have a sample HR Manual and HR Policies/Recruitment policy Samples for the freight forwarding industry? Thanks, Swathy Chennai
From India, Chennai

Hi Swathy,

Below are sample HR policies and a recruitment policy tailored for the freight forwarding industry. Please note that these are general templates and may need to be customized to fit your specific company's needs and local labour laws. It's recommended to consult with legal and HR professionals before finalizing any policies.

HR Manual Outline
1. Introduction

Company Overview
Mission and Vision
Values and Culture
2. Employment Relationship

Equal Opportunity Employment
Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
3. Recruitment and Selection

Job Posting and Advertising
Application and Resume Screening
Interviews and Assessments
Reference Checks
Job Offers and Onboarding
4. Employment Policies

Employment Classification
Work Hours and Schedule
Attendance and Punctuality
Dress Code and Appearance
Health and Safety
5. Compensation and Benefits

Salary Structure
Benefits Overview (Health, Dental, Retirement, etc.)
Bonuses and Incentives
6. Training and Development

Training Needs Assessment
On-the-Job Training
Continuing Education and Professional Development
7. Performance Management

Performance Appraisals
Goal Setting and Feedback
Performance Improvement Plans
8. Leave and Time-Off

Vacation Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Holidays and Paid Time Off
9. Employee Relations

Grievance and Complaint Handling
Conflict Resolution
Disciplinary Action and Termination
10. Health and Safety

Workplace Safety Guidelines
Emergency Procedures
Reporting Accidents and Incidents
11. Code of Conduct and Ethics

Professional Conduct
Conflict of Interest
Gifts and Entertainment
12. Termination and Separation

Resignation and Notice Period
Termination for Cause
Exit Interviews
13. Appendices

Forms and Templates
Legal Compliance
Recruitment Policy for Freight Forwarding Industry
1. Introduction

Purpose of the Policy
Scope and Applicability
2. Job Posting and Advertising

Platforms for Job Posting
Job Descriptions and Specifications
3. Application and Resume Screening

Initial Screening Process
Minimum Qualification Criteria
4. Interviews and Assessments

Interview Panels and Techniques
Skills Tests and Assessments
5. Reference Checks

Verification Process
Confidentiality of Information
6. Job Offers and Onboarding

Offer Letter Content
Onboarding Process and Documentation
7. Equal Opportunity Employment

Non-Discrimination and Diversity
8. Confidentiality

Handling of Applicant Information
9. Reporting and Documentation

Record-keeping and Reporting Requirements
10. Compliance with Legal Requirements

Adherence to Local Labor Laws and Regulations
11. Continuous Improvement

Feedback Mechanism
Policy Review and Updates
It's important to adapt these policies to your specific company's needs, industry regulations, and local laws. Consulting with legal counsel and HR professionals is advised before finalizing and implementing these policies.
You may also refer y posting of HR policies in this cite will be certainly of some use to you.

From India, Bangalore
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