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Dear Experts and All Labour and Govt of India Officials,

I, Minu Sharma, am writing to bring to your formal attention a pressing issue that I have been experiencing in recent months due to non-payment of due salary by M/S POOJA ROOFING CO (MFG), which is causing significant financial distress for me and my family.

M/S POOJA ROOFING CO (MFG), having office address : Mayfair Apartment NA, 1st Floor Lokhra Road, Lal Ganesh, Guwahati, Assam, India, GSTIN/UIN : 18AAZFP3190K1ZD is not paying me July 2023 month salary in spite of multiple requests and making fake excuses. The same incident has happened with a lot of other colleagues is what I got to know while I was working with the organisation. This seems to be a modus operandi of the organisation to cheat graduated / freshers / experienced and straightforward female employees here.

I have been a dedicated employee at M/S POOJA ROOFING CO (MFG),from 1st of Aug 2022 top 31st of July 2023. Throughout my tenure, I have always strived to meet and exceed the expectations set by the company. However, I am deeply concerned because I have not received my wages for the past July 2023 month as per the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Neither they have given any offer letter nor any appointment letter upon joining. I had been working in good faith all these times and suddenly I can see the employer is not willing to pay me and is trying to frame / make false excuses. It is the liability of the employer to pay the salary to the employee on time. However, if he denies, refuses, or fails to do so, then the employee can file a criminal suit for cheating and breach of trust under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code.

Regrettably, the situation has been exacerbated by what appear to be fake excuses provided for the non-payment of my salary. I have been receiving explanations that do not align with the company's standard payroll procedures, leaving me with a growing sense of unease and frustration.

This unforeseen delay in receiving my wages has put me in a precarious financial situation. I have been struggling to cover essential expenses, such as rent, utilities, groceries, and medical bills. The mounting financial stress is not only affecting my well-being but also impacting my ability to perform effectively at current work.
I sincerely request that you take this matter seriously and prioritize resolving it as soon as possible. Your prompt attention to this issue will not only alleviate my financial hardship but also ensure that I can continue to focus on my family /job responsibilities without any distractions.

If there is any additional information or documentation required from my end, please do not hesitate to inform me, and I will promptly provide it. I am hopeful that we can work to rectify this situation swiftly and amicably.

I appreciate your understanding and prompt action on this matter. I look forward to a resolution that will allow me to regain financial stability. This unfortunate situation has caused significant financial hardship for me and my family, and I believe it is essential to seek your assistance and intervention.

Given the ongoing non-payment of salary and the lack of any reasonable explanation or resolution from my employer, I kindly request your intervention and assistance in resolving this matter. I believe that the Labor Department's and other Govt Bodies involvement is necessary to ensure that my rights as an employee are upheld and that I receive the compensation I am entitled to under the law.

I am more than willing to provide any additional information, documents, or evidence required to investigate this matter thoroughly. My primary goal is to seek a fair resolution that not only addresses my own financial difficulties but also ensures that my fellow employees do not face similar issues in the future.

I would appreciate it if you could initiate an investigation into this matter and take appropriate action as per the relevant labor laws and regulations. Please keep me informed of the progress and any actions taken in response to my complaint.

The below are the company details against which strict action needs to be taken as per Labour Law, Contract Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Industrial Dispute Act, The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and the Payment of Wages Act, 1936, Civil Procedure Code, 1908, Employees Compensation Act, 1923, Equal Remuneration Act, 1967, or any other laws as applicable in India

Partner /Owner Mr. Anil Beniwal, +91-69012-62103
Mayfair Apartment NA, 1st Floor Lokhra Road, Lal Ganesh, Guwahati GSTIN/UIN : 18AAZFP3190K1ZD
I understand the importance of the Labor Department and all Govt of India Statutory and Enforcement Bodies in safeguarding the rights of employees, and I trust that you will address this matter with the urgency and seriousness it deserves.

Seasoned Ir Professional
Manager Accounts


We can understand your distress but this is not a platform where you can lodge a complaint against your employer. You should have used the official website of the Labour Department or file a formal complaint for non payment of wages before the labour officer concerned by visiting his office personally. Therefore, please contact the Labour department and file a formal complaint.
From India, Kannur
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