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Hi Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek your guidance and advice regarding my current situation at work.

I have been working with a private limited organization, for over 5 years now. On 12th June,23, I submitted my resignation, and my last working day, as per my employment contract, is supposed to be 10th August. However, the company is not relieving me from my duties, stating that they need to hire a replacement and I must provide knowledge transfer before leaving.

The predicament I am facing is that I have already accepted an offer from a new company, and my joining date with them is 14th August. If I don't join them on time, they will cancel my offer, which would put me in a difficult position.

I have been continuously following up with my current organization to relieve me by 10th August, but they haven't provided a clear response. I am concerned about my rights in this situation and what the best approach would be to ensure a timely and smooth relieving process.

Additionally, I have not received my 2.5 months' salary, which corresponds to the notice period and has not been paid to me. I understand this should be part of the full and final settlement upon my departure.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you can provide on how to handle this situation and ensure a prompt and amicable resolution.

Thank you for your assistance.


I understand the challenging situation you're facing, and I'm here to offer some guidance on how to handle this matter effectively. Here are some steps you can consider taking:

Review Your Employment Contract: Carefully review your employment contract, including the clauses related to notice period, relieving process, and full and final settlement. This will help you understand your rights and obligations, and it can serve as a reference point in discussions with your current employer.

Communicate Openly: Maintain open communication with your current employer. Express your concerns about the overlapping timelines between your current organization and the new company. Clearly communicate your joining date with the new company and the potential consequences if you're unable to join on time.

Seek a Resolution: Request a meeting with your current employer or HR representative to discuss your situation. Explain the predicament you're facing due to the overlapping timelines and emphasize the importance of timely relieving. Propose potential solutions, such as providing extensive knowledge transfer within a specific timeframe to ensure a smooth transition.

Consult HR: If you're not getting a satisfactory response, consider reaching out to the HR department to seek clarity on the relieving process, your notice period, and the timeline for your full and final settlement. They may be able to provide guidance or intervene to expedite the process.

Engage Higher Management: If necessary, escalate the matter to higher management within your current organization. Highlight the impact that delays in relieving could have on your career plans and the new opportunity you've accepted.

Legal Consultation: If all else fails, you might consider seeking legal advice from an employment lawyer. They can help you understand your rights, legal options, and potential courses of action to ensure a timely and smooth transition.

Stay Professional: Throughout this process, maintain a professional and cooperative demeanor. Being respectful and understanding can go a long way in facilitating a resolution.

Negotiate Full and Final Settlement: Regarding your pending 2.5 months' salary, ensure that it is part of your full and final settlement when you leave the organization. This should include your outstanding salary, any accrued leaves, and other applicable benefits.

Remember that every situation is unique, and the best approach may vary based on your specific circumstances and the company's policies.

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