If any employee wants to be in the limelight , again and again he creates some new issue regarding the work , some time work pressure and always complain about the work pressure what to do this kind of employee?
From India, Chennai


Call the employee for a discussion. Find out his actual issues. Ascertain whether he is overloaded with work or it is just a myth. Also find out whether the employee possess right skill and prior experience to carry out his day to day task. In case of any lacking identify the training need and plan for training. Before calling the employee for discussion please discuss with the immediate Superior of the employee and gather his inputs. At times employee might have genuine issues, if not attended on time employee might leave the Organisation out of frustration.

All the same if you observe that if the employee is raising issues to gain attention then he needs to be counselled. Make him understand that he is paid for his work and he should love his profession. Any work carried out with involvement will lead to right results.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Navjot Thakur,

There is a mismatch between the heading of your post and the main body. Secondly, I wish you had given information about the nature of your industry, the department in which the employee works, the length of service of the employee etc.

"Mood swing" is a mental health issue and it requires treatment from a certified psychiatrist. On the contrary, the complaints about the quantum of work, the tendency to jump into light etc. are behavioural issues and counselling may be sufficient.

Why does an employee feel that the quantum of work is excess? What is the take of reporting manager on the complaint of the subordinate? Is the quantum of work the same for other employees also?

Are you comparing the work done by the employee's predecessor? Occasionally, such things don't work as there is a basic difference between human beings and work done by all may not be identical. Some leeway for variation has to be given but the leeway may not be major.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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