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Capgemini Anonymous
Hi All,

I am in very difficult situation and need help.

I joined Company CG in June , after 3 months i resigned because of night shift. I didn't serve the notice period because of health issue.

After this i joined another org HAG.

Company CG after some weeks came to me asked me to join, i said not possible since its my health issue and i can't work on notice period. They asdsured me they will fix my problem, please join.

I agreed to thatbut sought 2 weeks time to get reliving letter from HAG. I got reliving letter in Aug.

I asked CG what is the process of re-join ? They said we will fix it from back-end.

I started working so far so good.

But next year in May company CG terminated me because of Dual Employment. They mentioned for those 2 months i worked in CG & HAG in both. I explained to them but they didn't agree on this.
They will provide me reliving letter including those 2 months as well.

Important part is I didn't get salary from CG during those 2 months.

Now they terminated me, since information is in UAN as well my BGV will come red as well.

What do i do now ? I don't want to hide anything from new employer but they will not hire because of Dual Employment.

Do you think my whole career is finish ???

CG company is not helping at all. I checked with lawyer for legal notice as well but that will take long time to get resolution, what I will feed to my kids till then ??

Can someone suggest what to do in this case ?


From India, Bengaluru

The company CG betrayed the trust you placed in them. They said they will take care of any overlap but knowing the whole background and against their commitment, they chose to act otherwise and reacted as per their Rule Book.
It is not that your career is doomed forever. Don't lose all hope. You have a convincing story. It is better to disclose this fact and there would be many organisations willing to hire you for sure. Try to chance till you succeed.

From India, Mumbai


When the Company CG asked you to rejoin have you informed that you are working with HAG. You should have asked for new appointment order and there is no any back end process. Company CG just utilized your services for their urgent requirement and now want to sack you hence some cover up reasons. You shouldn't have left from Company CG without information without information and also should have insisted for appointment order during second term. Now without having any valid contract terms how will you fight with them for justice.

Now they are providing you relueving order better accept and look for new options.

From India, Madras
Similiar thing happened to me with CG only. I was able to get a job in a start-up. Atleast I have a job now. I was totally lost when they terminated me. But time heals everything.

The solution is: Keep on giving interviews and join Mid-level companies. All the CMM level 5 companies might/might not consider you in 2023(Recession Time).

Mid companies don't give that much importance to past BGV.

Once the market gets open you can join any MNC again. Its demand and supply. The game is rigged.

From India, Delhi
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