Dear all, Need you help again !

This is something related to the grievance handling .

Background Information : Have design code of conduct for startup organization ,in which grievance handling is one of the sub point , according to the management discussion , prior deciding the code of Conduct , we need to know how we going to implement it and what could be the procedure .

So , ultimately decided to go with two option , one of which is creating a separate tab in software for the grievances handling , where the employees can mention there concern anonymously and other is keeping a suggestion box kind of thing in the office where in people can put up the written notes .

Needed the guidance from the seniors how to implement this and need to need a simple grievance application procedure too.

Suggestion are thankful in advance

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

If you do an internet search, you will get a procedure to handle grievances. The following are two links:

Based on the information in the above links, you can design the procedure to handle grievances. Nowadays, the phrase "grievance handling" is not used but the phrase "escalation" is used. You may do so.

Allowing the employees to raise their grievances is important to maintain their motivation. However, while handling the grievances, ensure that the grievances are handled fairly. Otherwise, it should not be a procedure for the sake of it. Every grievance should be handled as per the procedure and no grievance should be pushed under the carpet.

Since your procedure will be software-assisted, you may maintain year-wise data on the number of grievances handled.

Lastly, the difference between a "suggestion" and a "grievance". It appears that you have confused between the two. While the former is for process improvement, the latter is defined as a complaint about a (real or imaginary) wrong that causes resentment and is grounds for action. Therefore, both need to be seen independently and need to be handled independently too. One does not have a bearing on the other.

In many companies, there is a Central Idea Processing Cell. All ideas on process improvement land in this cell. The Sooner the idea lands, the software allotts the reference number. The employee who came up with the suggestion can track the progress of the idea.

Sometimes the employees raise routine queries to the HR Department. These could be related to leave provisions, statutory provisions or could be clarification on some policy. I have seen HR professionals calling it a "grievance".Again it is a wrong use. So for handling queries, create a separate tab.

Final comments: - Not a "grievance" but a "suggestion" from my side on your post. It has too many grammatical mistakes. Therefore, why not type a post on MS Word and then copy and paste it? In fact, grammar checking is better on Google Docs. Why not use the facility that is free? One's personality is projected by the way one communicates. Whether to project it as a methodical person or a slipshod person is one's personal call.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

While appreciating the comments by our Senior Member, Dinesh, I would like to add that it is always desirable to have "grievance redressal" or Grievance Handling rather than "escalation" because the former will give a legal cover to the process. The Industrial Disputes Act, anyway, requires an employer to form a committee to address grievances of employees. There is no change as per Industrial Relations Code (proposed) also. Therefore, when we do it in a system format, it is advisable to incorporate the basic things as given in section 9C of the Industrial Disputes Act (which corresponds to section 49(1) of the Industrial Relations Code.
From India, Kannur
Hi Member,

with response to the above discussion, the inputs provided by senior members are well presented. An addition to forming a Greviance handling mechanism is the organization within can form an Greviance Committee comprising of members of SMC/TMC level across various functions- ensuring unbaised results.

You can sit across with your top management to discuss this concept in length.


From India, Delhi
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