Can anyone provide me with a sample of charge sheet to be issued to a workmen who came on duty under the influence of alcohol?

Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

You will get a draft of the charge sheet on this forum, however, the question arises is what evidence do you have to prove that the worker reported for duties under the influence of alcohol? Secondly, if he was in an inebriated state, then why did security personnel allow him to report for duties?

Would you mind giving complete details of the case?


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Leveling charge of alcoholism is a tricky affair. First, understand the correct import of the related charge. In many Standing Orders, misconduct is being intoxicated or acting under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substance. So, the charge would lie against people who make a nuisance of themselves and is unable to control their movement, any gentlemanly conduct after having a couple of drinks would not be misconduct. Secondly, what is the evidence available, any blood test done, or does the gait, facial expression, talking style, or other body language support such a conclusion? Take a call depending on all these factors.
From India, Mumbai


You just posted one question in single line asking for sample charge sheet without any detailed information. Basically charge sheet is issued to an employee when the employee involved in any misconduct. A Charge Sheet should narrate clearly the particular time place and the occurrences and the way the incident took place ( nature of misconduct). Once charge sheet is issued to the employee the employee has to give an explanation for the charges which are imposed against him. So the charges against the employee needs to framed properly with proper evidences.

Your question is not very brief as to how you came to know that employee entered the office under the influence of alcohol ?

Did he quarreled with front office Security Officer or any his colleagues?
Did any of his colleagues observed slurred and incoherent speech or change in behavior ?

So Charge sheet should contain all the relevant details like date and time of the incident / how proved etc.

We can provide a skeleton of a charge sheet but that won't be useful for you.

Please post elaborate question so that Members can provide a well drafted charge sheet.

From India, Madras

Dear Dynamic,

I understand that you are facing a problem related to the charge sheet, and I am here to help you.

My senior colleagues have provided you with the theoretical factors of a charge sheet, and I would like to thank them for that.

Based on my little knowledge about charge sheet, here are the steps you can follow to prepare a charge sheet:

1. Mention the date of the charge sheet, preferably at the right top corner.
2. Mention the address of the accused at the left top corner, including his name, employee number, designation, department, etc.
3. Start with a greeting, as you would in a letter, for example, "Dear Mr. -Name -"
4. Write the subject line, either Charge sheet cum Show cause notice or Charge sheet cum enquiry notice [ whichever is applicable to your case ]
5. If there is any reference, mention it, for example, if you have ordered for SPE or issued a simple show cause notice before this charge sheet
6. In the body of the charge sheet, start with the statement "It has been reported against you as below;"
a. Mention the date of the incident and in which shift the accused was reported to duty and what he should have done ideally.
b. Provide detailed information on the incident, including what actually happened, at what time, where, in front of whom, and how it was concluded that the accused was drunk, etc.
c. Explain the impact of the act, including any damages or spoiled workplace decorum, etc.
7. If his acts are proved, it amounts to misconduct under the provisions of service rules, standing orders, or service rules, etc. [ reproduce the clauses ]
a. If you want to seek his explanation, give him some time (as per your policy/practice) and ask him to show cause as to why further disciplinary action should not be taken against him.
b. If you have already sought his explanation through a show cause notice, include the notice of the enquiry contents in the charge sheet.
9. Finally, provide a provision for the disciplinary authority to affix their signature at the end of the charge sheet.

These steps help you in preparing a charge sheet. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

From India, Bangalore
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