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Dear Seniors,

Please advise: We are in process of Restructuring & many employees are eligible for elevation considering Their Exp, Salary & last three year Appraisal rating & other parameters. Salary has major role in this. Many employees are eligible for one grade elevation and few are for two grade elevation.

How HR Head can check the actual competency/Ability of employees to fit in next Level/Grade without help of Technical dept. (HR need to check the fitment for all departments, corporate team, Field team, Overall organization. (Competency matrix is not existing as of now)

Thanks in advance.

From India, Gurgaon

Eligibility fitment as part of performance appraisal is to be decided not by the HR person alone but by the department head and the HR together. The HR person cannot judge an employee but can only suggest the departmental head about his habit of coming late, habit of taking leave etc. This is a process in which findings may become biased. The role of HR is to trace it out and make it as perfect as possible.
From India, Kannur

Where the assessment is based purely on seniority, the documents would happen and HR can perform the task. but in cases of merit basis comparison, the Performance Report would form the basis. It is better to have a Committee based approach, and involve the line people in the task. HR has an advisory role and also strives for a balance between various departments.
From India, Mumbai

What I can understand that the Organization is in a process of re-assessment of each position /grade within the organization as part of restructuring. The organization is judging the individual employees who are functioning in those positions based on their PMS Score for last 3 years, overall experience and other parameters.

To my opinion it should be done by a team consisting of major departmental heads along with HR head. There is possibility as also mentioned in the original post that for some employees it may be two grade elevation.

In absence of any competency matrix , the team may apply a method called neutralization. In this process HR head has a major roll to play. After complying all data , the HR HEAD should compare each position and grade within the organization to identify the maximum deviation cases. Say for example in a particular grade with almost similar experience and good PMS score, there is huge difference of remuneration for one / two employees in respect to average / median of the group in higher side or reverse where someone is getting much below the average/ median of the grade. In those cases neutralization will be required to keep the internal parity.

Process of neutralization vary from organization to organization. It may be in one go or in steps through few future years. This type of organization restructuring is highly sensitive and care should be taken properly considering many factors and specially the individuals who have bundle of emotions.

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From India, New Delhi

If people have to grow in their career, the organisation has to grow financially. Both are interlinked... one level or two level promotions should happen, based on individual performance only. In several organisations, multi-level promotions do not happen annually. Promotions happen only when there is a need for the organisation.. not time-based. There should be proper org structure, slots available for promotions. Need has to be there. If you do not have a competency or performance-based modeling, then your organisation may suffer sooner than later.
From India
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