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What is HRBP? What are the roles & responsibilities & how does HRBP Differ from HR Generalist & other HR Person?

Is anyone can hire HR Generalist on HRBP Profile if not what is the process should we do some certification related to HRBP

Please guide me or suggest me because nowadays there is a trend every 3rd company is hiring HRBP.

From India, Neemrana

From what I can see, Its nothing but a fancy name and designation that is given to keep the employee happy and make him think he is different from a HR Manager.

But I suggest in future if you post a question, ensure that you give the full form of abbreviation / Jargon you use.

From India, Mumbai

Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) has become a hot topic in corporations, thanks to their crucial role in undertaking HR functions and enabling the HR teams to coordinate with the employees and management seamlessly.
In the modern business world, HRBP has become an essential part of the HR department and is vital in ensuring the success of the company. So, what is an HR Business Partner? What roles and responsibilities are handled by an HRBP?
What are the essential skills one should include in the business partner job description when looking for an individual for the role of an HRBP? What are the models for a human resources business to follow for HR business partners?
We will be discussing the answers to these questions in this article and try to understand whether hiring of an HR Business Partner is the ideal choice going forward.

Role of the HR Business Partners:
Due to the nature of their work, HRBP plays multiple roles in the company. The HRBP role requires them to undertake numerous tasks and effectively balance the thin line between employee demands and management expectations.
Since the role of HRBP is purely strategic in nature, let us understand the various ways they help achieve the organizational objectives:
1. Strategic Planning
HRBP is a strategic planner in the company who analyses the employees in the organization and develops innovative tactics to improve their engagement with the company. As the developer of innovative strategies, the HRBP is required to have a deep understanding of the workforce regarding their performance and workplace ethics.
With such knowledge, they will be able to easily undertake strategic planning of the right tactics in order to improve their performance and overall engagement with the company.
2. Management Coach
Since the HR Business Partner acts as a bridge between the management and the employees, they are in an ideal position to coach the executives about the issues faced by the staff.
They help the management understand the numerous issues as well as provide strategies to resolve them as they work in collaboration with the HR professionals. With such a targeted approach towards issue management, the employees will stay engaged with the company for longer.
3. HR Tech Expert
To fulfil their goals, the HR Business Partner is required to find the best HR technology in the market that can enhance their daily work.
They are tasked with researching and finding a human resources software that will be able to streamline and automate several tasks related to employee management. Hence, they have the potential to drastically overhaul employee management and job satisfaction in the organization.
4. HR Initiatives Driver
There are multiple HR initiatives which the management can undertake with the help of HR professionals to improve employee productivity and satisfaction in the company.
The HRBP is the one responsible for taking initiatives, developing the strategies, and implementing them successfully in companies. They understand the pulse of the organization and hence, are in the ideal position to develop such initiatives to make an impact.

Responsibilities of an HRBP:
Since the HR Business Partner job plays such a significant role in ensuring the achievement of organizational goals, they have multiple responsibilities which are associated with handling the employees and channeling their productivity to ensure the company’s success.
Their multiple responsibilities ensure the effective handling of company staff while also assuring the leadership of a strategic approach towards fulfilling business objectives.
As a result, the major responsibilities of an HRBP include:
1. Align HR with Business Operations
For an organization to be successful, the employees’ professional goals should align with the company’s objectives. An HR Business Partner enables this alignment by drafting the HR policies to act as a bridge between the HR operations and the business.
They collaborate with the different teams to ensure that the policies are being followed and help the leadership understand the hurdles faced by the teams in undertaking their daily activities.
2. Develop an Engaging Work Culture
Being a mediator between the employee and the management, the Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) possesses the necessary data to actively engage the staff since they understand them better. Hence, they can tweak the company policies to allow for improved engagement.
They can develop specific strategies for enhancing skills, providing rewards and recognition, as well as surveys to understand their pulse. As a result, they can keep them engaged with the company, improving their productivity and retention.
3. Recognize Business Requirements
The HRBP also aligns the HR practices to reflect the business goals and objectives. However, to achieve these objectives, the HR Business Partner should recognize the business requirements, which are established after lengthy discussions with the management team.
To help drive business outcomes, an HR Business Partner develops strategic tactics and tweaks the company policies, which affects the employees. As a result, they need to thread the fine line between having to fulfil their organizational obligations and employee welfare.
4. Reduce HR Risks
Since the HRBP deals closely with the employees, they can recognize and act on employee-related problems quickly.

From India, Thane
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