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I agreed to pay the amount of 1L for bond breaking period of 3 yrs. From past one month I m asking for my certificates. But they are not giving my certificates. Whenever I ask them, they are not responding properly. What should I do now?
From India, Bengaluru

Dear Colleague,

The given fact is that you are breaking a bond agreed and ready to compensate as per clause agreed. In future to the maximum extent kindly do not enter into such "bond system" which is mostly used very unfair in our country. Second never deposit your original certificates to any one. If such demands, reject those offers and look for better employment contracts.

Try your best to collect the certificates back and then given Account Payee Cheque etc. Both has to take place simultaneously.

For the present situation, you may send legal notice to them if they are not responding within reasonable time. Sort Legal case if they are still not responding to the legal notice. They will definitely come in line.

From India, Chennai
Suresh Rathi

There is no legal sanctity in keeping original certificates as "Security " against any committed clause in the appointment letter. Right course has been suggested by Mr.Shivkumar. Col.Suresh Rathi
From India, Delhi

Original certificates cannot be used as bargaining tool. It amounts to extortion. Try to meet the SP or the District Collector. A simple telephone call from their office would ensure that you get the certificates.

Fulfillment of conditions of the Bond is an entirely different issue. You may pay the bond amount or leave it to the former employer t adopt legal means.

From India, Kochi

This question has come up frequently all the time I have been a member of CiteHR.

WHY do people keep giving their original certificates to employers?? Members here have cautioned so many times NOT to do it.

If they want certificates, give them legally certified colour photocopies, never the originals. If they insist on the originals, walk away and find another job. You do not want to work for people like that.

From Australia, Melbourne
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