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What is the implementation status of new labor codes? When is it coming? Anyone has got a compliance checklist for it?
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Dear Member,
The Govt. of India has made all the four labour codes but their implementation dates has not been notified so far. Without formation of Rules we are not in a position to implement them. Matter of finalization of Rules is under consideration of the Govt. of India. Some of the state Govt. are also in process of preparation of draft Rules. Checklist of LL compliance depends upon the applicability of the LL to the concerning unit & considering the applicability of the appropriate Govt.
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Vide our constitution, Labour is on the concurrent list. That means either the Central Govt or State Govt can make laws on Labour. We have several laws made by both. State made laws are only for that state, however, central laws are applicable all over India. In case there is contradiction between the two legal proviaions, the central law prevails.
As for these codes, the Centre has made the codes. When the Centre will make rules, they will be applicable to central establishments i.e. where central govt is proper govt. As for states, theywill have to make rules to implement the codes. Some states have made the rules. Some states are opposite party states. For this and other reasons, like corona, states have not made rules. Once they make the rules two things will happen. The state laws on the same subject will be repealed and thd codes will apply. When the state will make rules, is left to state. We have to only wait and watch.
Vibhakar Ramtirthkar, Pune.

From India, Pune

Can I request the seniors to throw light on the important implications of the four codes on the Not-for-profit sector. Thanks and regards
From India, Chennai
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