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Hi all, Could someone help me in finding out the pay scale for MBA - HR with 1 Year of experience.
I am working as Management Trainee - HR in construction company. I have done B.Tech (Civil) & MBA (HR & Operations) in 2017 & 2019 respectively from recognized University. After my Post Graduation I was preparing for competitive exams but due to Covid Pandemic all exams got delayed and I have to start the job to support my family financially.... so, I have decided to start the job.

At present I am getting 1.8 lacs P.A. (in hometown) which is too less as per my profile now when I ask from other recruiters for 100% hike for Delhi-NCR location which is totally justified as per my profile they refused to give me this much hike and make me realise that I made a big mistake to start my career at such low salary.
Could anyone suggest me how can I search better options and come out from this Vicious-Cycle of standard 20-30% hike on current salary without testing one's capabilities and in what situation one could have join the job at low salary.

From India, Agra
Dinesh Divekar

Dear MBA fresher,

Currently, many industries are badly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them is the real estate or construction sector. In fact, this sector was in the doldrums even before the onset of the pandemic. However, some signs of revival of the sector are there. As of now, just green shoots are visible. When the green shoots convert into a shrub, and then a tree that cannot be said. Your inability to get a decent job is due to this reason.

The recruiters are offering you a 20-30% hike because this is what the general trend is. Nevertheless, the real reason is a shortage of jobs. Too many unemployed engineers are searching for a job. Yes, working at a low salary is a trap for you. However, to come out of this trap, you need to keep on applying for various jobs. Somewhere some success you will get. When your future employer asks you about your low salary, you may explain that you are an MT and a period of management training is always a transitory period.

If you are B Tech + MBA, then it was not necessary to look for a job only in the real estate or construction sector. You could have searched for a job in other industries as well.

Furthermore, what duties do you handle during the phase of MT is also important. In many companies, the MTs are used for menial jobs. Engaging in low-value activities further reduces their employability. Even now you can start looking beyond the civil sector.

Lastly, just because of your MBA (HR & Ops), you need not stick to the HR field. You have the option of looking for a job in civil operations as well. In fact, these are the jobs where people skills are required the most.

Whether you apply for civil construction jobs or HR jobs, you must exhibit your sound knowledge of what you have learnt. Therefore, refresh your theoretical knowledge. You should not allow a situation in which there was a good opportunity, but you lost it because the interviewer thought you ha poor knowledge.

In addition to the hardcore subject knowledge, improve your communication skills also. Not that you have written your post badly. However, there is always a scope for improvement.

Keep on learning, keep on trying, you will succeed. Do not lose your heart.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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