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I need a draft where i need to question the manager for his team member’s long absentiesm
From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar
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Nagarkar Vinayak L
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,
A proper context could have been provided while writing the post. Without understanding the proper background of the case, how it is possible to provide a draft of the letter? Even if you had uploaded the draft, correcting it would have become difficult without knowing the background of the case.
For the absence of a team member, whether for a short period or a long period, why you wish to question the Manager of that team member? Instead of questioning the team member, why to question manager? By questioning the manager, does it not imply that you wish to make him a party in the team member's absence? Even if the manager is questioned, what credible reply that fellow is supposed to give?
A Manager is expected to get thework done from his/her subordinates. But this can happen only if they are available. Should the Manager be made accountable even for the non-availability of the team member?
Absenteeism is dealt with by the HR Department. If the employee was absent for a long period then what action the HR Department has taken?
Therefore, please provide the context. Please make a note of it whenever you raise a query on the public forum.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

In my view, Management must call for a joint meeting with all managers and should try to analyze why the situation has aroused and how it can be resolved instead of questioning one person.
A positive approach is required instead of blaming.

From India, Vadodara
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear colleague,
Your query is intriguing.
I am afraid, you need to put your thought process in proper direction.
Think, in what way questioning manager for absenteem of his teammate will help resolve the issue?
Does it not amount to finding lost car key in the house when the same was left in the car?
In other words, when the problem is in the East, you are looking for solution in the West.
In this process of thinking you are questioning your assumptions. And think how do I fix the problem of absenteeim of a teammate and not fix the Manager.
So turn your focus on taking appropriate actions of curbing the problem of absenteem of an employee and together , you and the manager partner in resolving it.
You need to study the nature of absenteeim record- is it sporadic, is it long absence at a stretch, frequent absence of short durations -in other words the habit pattern as seen from record. Then analyse reasons for it in one on one meeting with him , from co workers and manager and his attitude towards it.
For every problem, one must find root causes.
After you and manager reasonably size up the problem, find what will work, disciplinary action or counselling. Purpose is to make him understand and give an opportunity to show distinct improvements in coming period .
I don't claim this is the only approach. You may think of better one by keeping in mind the end results to be achieved.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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