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Dear Seniors, Have one doubt. How many casual leaves can be availed at a time. Can we avail CL in advance? If an employee applies CL thrice in a month and he is having only 2 CL in his account, can third leave be adjusted from EL or it will be LWP
Thanks in advance

From India, New Delhi
I think you have your Leave Policy in vogue. Is there any stipulation on this? Commonly, CL is on an avg.1 day per month to be credited.

- CL can be applied for in advance or on the day as per the extant procedure followed in your firm. Mostly availing CL is resorted for an unexpected event at short notice. So therefore there is no compulsion if it's applied for in advance as well. Applying for grant of any leave in advance should be encouraged. This will only enable the HoD to plan for alternate arrangements in his/her absence.

- Again there is no hard & fast rule for CL availed without sufficient credit in the leave a/c and adjusting the same against EL credit. There is no illegality if adjusted thus in EL credit. Again if there is no credit in EL a/c also then only LWP will arise.

From India, Bangalore
You should have your own Company HR policy in place. Leave policy in any company is evolved to find answer to these questions - which is raised by you.
If you refer to Leave HR policy of any comany of repute, you can invariably find the following:-
1) CL is credited to employees, first of every calendar - can be 7 days or 10 days or 12 days
(for new joinees, prorated CL can be credited).
2) CL can be taken even for half-a-day and maximum it can be taken 2 days at a stretch (this is practice seen in some companies).
3. Combination of CL with any other leave, must be examined by you and you may devise it according to your company rules.
4. CL can not be carried forward nor encashed. Unavailed portion of CL shall automatically lapse at the end of the calendar year.
5. CL can be availed at short notice. Some times employees may telephonically intimate and after availing leave, they can regularize by applying necessary leave application.

From India, Aizawl
In the matter of CL, the mandatory aspect is the Standing Orders/Shop & Establishment Act as is applicable. Subject to the said provisions, every organisation has its own rules regarding availing CL continuously. Some have three days, some have seven days, some even have all the days provided. Progressive organisations are not attaching much importance in providing a ceiling to such availment, but the traditional organisations have not been so liberal. But by making such artificial ceiling we are only rendering it cumbersome and procedural.
From India, Mumbai
Thanks everyone. This year only we have bifurcated our leaves. We allow 7 casual leaves in a year which cannot be carry forwarded or encashed at the end of the year. Our company comes in Shops and establishment act. Our company is saying there is a rule CL cannot be availed in advance and secondly after availing 2 casual leaves, the third will be LWP despite we are having enough Earned leaves in our account.
From India, New Delhi
Hi Archna,
Your approach is ok. However, the last one, "availing 2 CL, the 3rd will be LWP despite we are having enough EL in our a/c" is a bit harsh one. I would suggest you may revisit this stipulation, to be fairer. This stipulation, when implemented, shall render "7 days" as redundant, non-existant as one can't avail the 3rd CL. Which means effectively one can avail only two CL in a year?? May be you meant to say "3 days of CL continuosly" is't so?! Ofcourse, employees will have an option of applying straight EL, if & when they would have already availed 2 CL in a year (calendar year ??). But many units have their leave policy that CL and EL/PL cannot be combined, meaning 2 days of CL towed by few days of EL continuously. Which is not permissible.

From India, Bangalore
Having seen such type of leave policies and the frustration arising therefrom, I would suggest you to have a simple policy of merging all the leaves into one account and have only simple rules. By creating various categories of leave and each with its own rules and regulations regarding availment, we are only creating clerical job without any value addition to the enterprise. It is high time corporate India makes a radical departure from the existing leave policy.
From India, Mumbai
As per my understanding, if we apply consecutively 2 leaves, it can be deducted from Casual leaves if we have in our account. and if it is more than 2, it will go directly in earned leaves.
The question is now if we avail leave on different dates in a month and we don't have too much CL in our account, can we take it in advance or we can deduct it from Earned leave.
Upto last year our leave policy was simple. We were having annual leaves no bifurcation but from this year it was management decision to bifurcate it.

From India, New Delhi
Bifurcation is required for proper administration of leaves.
1)EL/PL - This type of leave is earned by an employee, in other words this is accrued by his tenure of service in the company. This could be availed for LTA purpose or for encashment. Not only that, if an employee met with an accident or prolonged illness which warrants him to take rest, after expiry of Sick leave, EL can help him to get his salary. Thus for meeting casual needs of employees, EL should not be allowed to be availed.
2) CL can be availed by an employee even on probation period. However, a ruling to be made that no CL should be availed by an employee for first 2-3 months of probation period.

From India, Aizawl
Hi Archna,

Little more clear now. adding to what Rkn61 has clarified. I don't how Archna is placed/ empowered to suggest modifications. But still I wish to place this for her to take up in right perspective.

1. I do agree with CL can be credited in advance even for a fresher and can be allowed to be availed proportionately on the service rendered. I wish to suggest a deviation from point 2) of Rkn's post. A fresher who is on probation also should be allowed one or two days of CL, may be after completing a minimum of one month service. This is required mainly for freshers, just out of college, when posted in a distant place required to arrange for his/her stay or PG etc. With a couple of days' leave how will it be possible to settle in a new job. This is especially No joining-time will be given after joining like given to a already serving employee on transfer to other places.

2. I understand the purpose of limiting CL to 2 for it will be deterent to a habit of seeking leave at short notice. But debitting to EL when all CL is exhausted is OK, in fact many units must be following this all ready. Availing CL on pro-rata basis also OK.

From India, Bangalore

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