Hi Everyone,
One of our big project has almost 60+ people. They used to like our company's culture but now a days all of them are frustrated due to heavy work load in their project . All of them are very unhappy. There are high chances that most of them can leave the job. They are not able to involve in our hr activities which we organize for them. Hence they are loosing their interest to work in that project. What should we do to make them happy like earlier? How we can approach them? All of them are very genuine and hardworking members and we don't want to loose them. Please help and suggest.

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar
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J S Malhotra
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Pratima,

You have written that your company handles the projects but what kind of projects? Are you from software or a company that handles EPC projects? What is the location of the project? What software do you use to execute the project?

Those who handle the project have ups and downs in their work. During the project, they have to work far more and when the project is not there or even during the project also, at the beginning and end of the project, the work is less. This fact could have been made clear to all of them.

However, now the following can be done:

a) The immediate requirement is of communication. Some seniorpeople must communicate with the project personnel. Therefore, some seniors who understand the projects very well must talk to all of them and find out what are the causes of the excess workload.

b) Why is there a sudden increase in the workload in the project cycle? At the beginning of the project, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of all the activities of the project is done? Is WBS followed actually or it is just on the paper? Was the wrong time duration assigned to a few activities? Is the assignment of the less time responsible for project activities going haywire?

c) Does your company use PERT and CPM techniques to handle the project? If yes, then why are these techniques not working? If the techniques are not used then nothing can be done now. Because these techniques cannot be brought in somewhere during the project. It will create further confusion.

d) If there is an increase in the workload then somewhere something is amiss. Someone must step in to improve teamwork. Therefore, let some senior review how many milestones were there in the project and how many achieved on time. The flaw of teamwork is that sometimes the weakness of a weak member gets hidden because of the skillfulness of others.

e) One of the important measures of performance in the projects is "Starting an activity on time". So find out what % of activities were started on time. Why is there a delay in starting activities on time? Is it because of someone's inefficiency?

f) You have written that "They are not able to involve in our hr activities which we organize for them." What activities did you arrange for them and why is there uninterest? Is it because the members feel that the activities that are conducted have no relation with the actual work? If yes, then this also casts light on the efficacy of the HR activities.

Final Comments: - Today, the project members's motivation needs to be fired up. Havingproficiency in a project skill is one thing and execution is another. Therefore, some seniors from your company must step in to improve the motivation of the employees involved in the project.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
J S Malhotra

A detailed reply has already been given by Mr. Divekar. As suggested, the reason of frustration of employees is required to be found out and also it calls for some sort of counselling by senior management. Further, there is need to have work life balance approach. The work pressure should not affect employees' morale and personal life. This is high-time for both employees as well as the management representative to sit together to sort out grievances of whatsoever nature and corrective measure be taken before it's late.

From India, New Delhi

So well explained by Mr. Dinesh Divekar sir.
At each level of project, an authority must ensure that he has the motivated team which can go beyond to complete the project.
In most of the cases,
Lack of proper planning, execution, lack of clear cut communication and timelines.
And A good leadership is of course needed to direct the project.
Also Never forget Timely welfare of all employees.

From India, Vadodara

Hi Pratima,
The answer is already there in the question ( "frustrated due to heavy workload in the project").
What changed suddenly during the pandemic situation to create this heavy workload.
Is it due to the responsibility for regular power supply and internet connectivity/bandwidth that used to be handled by the employer, suddenly having to be managed by employees without loss in productivity, causing this issue.
Or is it the sudden social isolation that they now face from each other where even casual project discussions on the floor now have to be managed with umpteen calls and V-cons. Is this creating lack of communication or misunderstanding among the employees and their superiors.
At this point of time, the employees need employers to look into the basic factors that have major impact on their work. You could try checking on these lines.

From India, Bengaluru
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