- Can we work as a freelancer over the weekend /after office hours along with full time employment in India?
- If yes, do we need to inform employer regarding the same?
- Is there specific term in employment letter which restrict us to do so?
Please help me understand the legal part of this activity.
Thanks & Regards,
Dipesh Prabhakar
Team Lead - Talent Acquisition

From Ghana, Kumasi

Good Morning Mr. Dipesh,

Its tricky to answer, it involves legal and ethical aspects. I dont think Indian companies or organisations allowed to work in this format. but dont know same situation continues in future. As things may take different shape, where world is changing as far as professional domain is concerned.

Not intimating your full - time employer about your part - time work is not at all right from ethical point of view. Also it takes a beating for your professional pursuits. Your employer get offended, may fire you and communicate negatively tomorrow when BCG happens.

If your part- time assignments are on weekly offs or on holidays, I dont think it falls in the purview of Full time job commitments.

I suggest you please discuss with your employer about the opportunity in terms of knowledge upgradation and better exposure

All the best

From India, Hyderabad

Dear GK7,
I appreciate your prompt reply. I second you on your mentioned points.
Being an HR, I'm always curious to understand legal & moral both the aspects of any work (full time or part time) which may affect one as an individual or his/her concerned organisation. I need further inputs on this, considering below points. Once below points are clear, I'll be able to draft some policy related to this.
- If an employee does freelancing work WITHOUT using resources provided by his/her current organisation, on weekends OR after working hours, should we treat it unethical?
- What if there's No clause in offer/joining letter related to this? Is employee still not permitted to do freelancing?

From Ghana, Kumasi

There, certainly, is no law on this except in the service rules governing those in public service. The posting also suggests that the employment contract is silent. As such, the employee is not barred from spending his spare time in his best judgment so long as such activities do not entail conflict of interest with the business objectives of the employer and also, such activities do not adversely affect his devotion to duty and his performance.
From India, Kochi

Dear Dipesh,

Working in organisations, one needs to follow certain unwritten rules. According to your point, if nothing is written in the appointment letter specifying the above point, legally you are free to work part-time.

But, in India, anybody allows working part-time. do you then raise legal aspects with your employer? WE cannot. Be pragmatic brother.

From India, Hyderabad
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