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Are you engaged in resume writing for that job search online? Then apply these 6 resume tops to write yourself an outstanding ATS friendly resume and watch the job offers to come to your mail, as you sit idly while job seeking in the market.
Apply these 6 Resume Tips to a Yourself an ATS-friendly resume for your Job Search
1. Apply only for those Job Roles you are qualified for
The job offers which come to you with the help of those bots often involve the integration of HR robotics with a messenger to send the message to you on mail over a job vacancy. So, when you are resume writing, think about the job role vacancy, do you deserve it? If yes, then submit your resume online.
2. Include the Right Keywords when Job Hunting
Letís face it. Just like any search engine online which involves the use of bots, the Applicant Tracking System (APS) too, involves the use of bots, which use the keywords in your resume document to send you the suitable job offers. So choose the right keywords, in your ATS friendly resume to get your desired job offer!
3. Donít Try to Trick the ATS
If you are thinking you are smarter than the Applicant Tracking System, think again. The Applicant Tracking System (APS) has several tools which it uses to scan and assess your CV document. It syncs the information from the resume with your social media links. So, if you think you will dupe the applicant tracking system to give you, say, for example, the job of a physician when your qualifications are of a social worker, simply forget it, it will never give you one!
4. Make Your Resume Easy to Scan
Always make your resume easy to scan on the applicant tracking system. Too many highlights or too much formatting in your CV will not provide you with the desired results on the applicant tracking system. However, the moment you make it easy to scan like in the form of JPEG, or pdf. or Docx. format, you win the battle there with your ATS friendly resume over your other competitors.
5. Be specific with work experience, skills, and titles
Another resume tip that I would like to give to all people who are engaged in resume writing or sitting in front of the screen to job search online is to be specific with the information you provide on the applicant tracking system. Lack of specificity and too much vague information leads to confusion on the applicant tracking system and often leads the bots in the ATS search engine to give you jobs that you do not even desire for.
6. Convince by Uploading A Cover Letter
Always combine your ATS friendly resume with a cover letter. Doing this not only lets you upload an ATS friendly resume online but even lets you get hired, winning over your competitors.
To sum up, be very particular and careful of all the information you put in your document when resume writing in your job-seeking phase of life. Apply these 6 resume tips to get ATS friendly resume and crack a job role online!

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