Dear Colleague,
To become more powerful in Human Resource, please add on:
1) Improve communication in oral /written/ body language
2) Learn from Experienced personalities
3) Be good co-ordinator in taking/ assigning the responsibilities
4) Be focused and target oriented
5) Be responsible and trustworthy
6) Be Strong and Sensitive
7) Join training programs
Dear Life is learning and Sharing..Go on

From India, Madras
There are several different things to know as well as various qualities and characteristics that make HR Managers successful. Here’s a great list that explains what you need to know and practice before becoming an HR manager:
1. Communication
2. Approachability
3. Motivation
4. Organization
5. Discretion and Ethics
Also you need to know about labor laws, corporate guidelines, best practices, and how to handle problems.

From India, Delhi
Apart from the normal routine HR function you have been attending, you may look into the possibility of the few following areas to start with:
Wherever Human factor is involved Human Resource Manager plays an important role.
Be a role model to other employees in discipline, implementation of company policy and rules, and impartial decision making, subject to 180 degree evaluation all the time. Do not expect any favors, including kick back / commission for any outsourcing jobs/ contractors (which is a trend now )
Environment Factors
How conducive your employee life inside the work area /Plant site, where he spends most of his time/ many more years to complete, till retirement, healthy.
How they are free / carrying their family burden inside the shop floor while working.
You will find wonders inside the shop floor; some congenital defects in some workmen would put into trouble in production output / at risk behavior jobs, may not have been noticed by Supervisors and Plant Manager while working.
How less / more is the ground contamination / ground water pollution, which we are supposed to leave it for our future generation? How bad the ground / ground water is contaminated. What best can be done to avoid further spillage, contamination.
How bad the severity of the accident usually happening inside the shop floor. How to reduce the severity / or to prevent such accidents.
How Managers / Supervisors are good in their 180 degree evaluation.
Are the Managers / Supervisors are role models in implementing company’s policy and discipline, and establishing discipline in side shop floor without any indiscrimination.
Job rotation wherever required?.
Where you observe partiality, partisanship, unfair preference, preferential treatment, special treatment, preference, favour, one-sidedness, prejudice, bias, inequality, unfairness, inequity, discrimination, positive discrimination, reverse discrimination; More
Togetherness, closeness to informal chemistry
Workplace / toilet/ shelter/ canteen hygiene how effectively implemented, whether it is by direct workmen or contract workmen, without any discrimination, personal favoritism. See that you are satisfied, that you can use such facility when in need.
How good or bad in air pollution and noise pollution, and hazardous substances being handled, by your workmen. Supervisors and others
These are some of the tips, from the iceberg. If you can intervene and suggest positive ways to the top management and make a small dent in organizational culture, you will not only be respected by all from the top to bottom, and you will reach the assumed so called power sought far!

From India, Madras
Always listen to others and relationship with the employees matters a lot to be successful. Try to learn even from lowest level of workers.
From India, Manipala
Update yourself to take your company to profitable and more profitable. Satisfy Employer and employee as well. Unbiased work output will add essence to your duties.
From India, Secunderabad
ATTITUDE is ALTITUDE. With right ATTITUDE you can accomplish great ALTITUDES. Which eventually leads you to be POWERFUL than others.
Always try to be KIND, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY, EMPATHETIC toward others.

From Bangladesh
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From Vietnam, Hanoi
Knowledge is Power!
Be compassionate. Act wisely. Make decisions in favor of well being of your employees. An organization functions if your employees are happy and productive. Be Proactive. People look upto people whom they can follow by example. Be that example. Always always be ready to learn more. One can never learn enough in anything. Find topics and learn more about your business, competitors, industries. Formulate policies that ensure overall well being of your organization and employees. Create a healthy work environment.
The above things are difficult but possible.

From India, Ahmadabad
First be human being HR.This is the most important thing a HR professional should have. Do not react to a situation on the spot, analyse find reasons as to how the event has happened, work out remedy then act on the incident. This when you have enough time to react. When time i in short supply, react in way which gives you time to think and act. Never do things in hurry, it may prove costlier later.
From India, Chennai
You should be more patient and lovely to new workers.
From United States, Santa Clara

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