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The person whom we want to promote is working in the organization more than 10years and his performance, team building, team work, problem solving is good.
From India, Hyderabad
Industrial Relations
HM Ravi
Csr Project Coordinator
Insolvency N Gst Professional
Nagarkar Vinayak L
Hr And Employee Relations Consultant
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Please refer your Company HR Policy. What is the provision available in HR Policy to escalate a person from Sr Executive to Manager / Asst Manager.
What is the procedure you are following till now for placement, Performance Appraisal & Promotion.
If at all you want to promote a person, first make him as Asst Manager then after 6 months or 1 year you can make him as Manager and further Senior Manager.
If you jump a level to favour a sincere worker, then it will set a bad example to others and others also will start claiming for double & triple Promotion, and finally you will land in trouble.

From India, Kumbakonam
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Colleague,
What is the hierarchy in your organization?
Is promotion to the level of Manager is immediate next level ?
Do the job responsibilities and salary and perqs for this level are visibly and distinctly larger / higher than the present or it is a gimmick of mere designation change ?
Are there other equally capable people who also have legitimate aspirations for elevation to that level whom you need to consider?
My friend, all these questions and some others have to be clarified before taking such decision.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant.

From India, Mumbai

Double promotion is not a good HR principle.
Let the person step up one higher post at a time,spend time and then if his performance matches,then think of further promotions.
Remember that precedents will be set by sudden double promotion to one employee.
Your HR policy should be clear on promotions and one needs to stick to laid down policies,

From India, Pune

If you donot have HR policy,then based on the appraisal of the employee, Sr Executive can be promoted as Asstt Manager or if you have a position then as Jr Manager.Further promotion depending upon his performance but not before 2 years unless he is exceptionally good.
R R Kapoor

From India, Vadodara

To: 25.12.2018.
Dear Sir,/ Cite HR Members.
As pointed out by learned Members, skipping some level is not right. instead of solving, it may invite more problem to consider for others.
I have made a note below on Grading. please read.
It is observed that; in some of the Cos., some of the employees are working since 5-6 yrs. without Regularisation, Appointment Order, proper Designation etc., due to absence of P&A.Dept./Officers.,HR Systems, Rules, Expd.HR Professionals; disturbing harmonious relations, grievances, high attrition etc., Hence, I am providing below a Note on the subject. I hope; it is useful. & help you to initiate steps to do the needful.
Qtn. How to make Grading, Categorising, Salary structuring, its Components with %age What is the strength of the employees ? Whether any Salary structure, Categorization/ grading of employees done.
CATEGORISING / GRADING of every Employee’s Designations in an Organisation (Mfg. Cos. like Steel, Cement, Sugar, Power, Mines etc.,) from Kalassi / Peon to GM/Director (i.e., Un-skilled to Top Management) is an important task of HR Dept. tobe done in such a way that; every employees Qualifications, Exp., Salaries are taken into account to avoid grievances, anomaly etc; later.
It is a very delicate & Sensitive exercise & to be undertaken by Expd. Professionals.
Co.should have some Statements like Master-list of all employees –
Dept.wise , Design.wise, Grade-wise, Category- wise.
It needs tobe done carefully and properly so that the HR Officers who have to prepare Annual Increments, Promotions, Fitment, other Benefits are able to understand the Grading, Categorisation so as to programme it in Computer while making such Increment, Promotion Orders with Salary, Grades for hundreds of employees at a stretch .
The Salaries are tobe fixed for each Grade/Category/Level in such a way that employees in each Grade has a particular Salary Range/Band in a descending order say; from MD down to the Un-skilled employees.
Such Categorisation helps HR Dept. to group all employees from Un-SK to Top Mngmnt. and it is required for HR, MIS Reports & for filing of various Returns. It will also help Interview Panel Members to fix a particular Candidate’s Designation in a Grade matching to his Salary & Post for the new candidate; considering his Qlfn. & Exp. vis-à-vis existing employees in the particular Category/ Dept. to which the new employee is going to join / recruited; to reduce heart-burning and anomaly among existing employees; later.
Salary fixation for each employee (based on Qlfcn, exp. & job knowledge) is one aspect whereas fixing his Grade/Category depending upon his Designation is another. The 2nd one i.e., Categorising/ grading/ grouping say for hundreds of employees into various grades is important to say how many Engrs./Officers, Managers, Mechanics, Fitters, Welders, Office Assts. are there in a particular Dept. at a particular time.
State Laws require Filing of Returns to District Industries Centre where Company has to state how many people of the Particular State are given jobs;- Category wise, say Skilled, Supervisor etc., In Karnataka, every Company has to file KANNADIGAS Report to provide Statistics of Kannadigas employed in Manpower Returns - Quarterly.
I have attempted to Categorise all employee’s Designations as under (from Un-SK to Top Management in XL format) so that every employees Designations in a Labour Intesive Units like Steel Plants, Factories, Mines; are covered in Ascending Order; starting with
Semi-Skilled &
Skilled . . (Skilled - 4 Levels like Jr.Optr, Asst.Optr, Optr & Sr.Optr.)
Supervisory (4 Levels - Jr.Supervisr, Asst.Supervsr, Supervisr & Sr.Supervisor)
Officers/Engrs (4 Levels – Jr.Offcr/Jr.Engr, Asst.Ofcr/Engr, Ofcr/Engr, Sr.O/Engr.)
Managers (7 levels – Jr.Manager, Asst.Mgr, Dy.Mgr, Manager, Sr.Manager, AGM & DGM)
However, the Categorisation, Levels & Designations could be changed as per the Organisations needs & nature of Industries. The position is different in Software, IT, MNC & other type of Companies compared to Steel, Sugar, Mines etc.,
Salary fixation (as in many other cases) depends upon Demand & Supply. A fixed range cannot remain for ever. For ex: a HR Manager with 10 yrs.exp. gets 3 Lac/anum in X Co, will shift to Y Co. if Y Co. offer 4 lac & again to Z Co. who may offer 5 lacs. Rarely, people accept new Co. with lesser Salary unless, it is close to his native place or his wife, medical or other compelling reasons.
Grading, Categorising of employees is a sensitive & delicate issue.
Grading of employees based on existing design. Qlfcn., service etc., for the first time; can cause grievance to some employees who were left out/not considered. HOD proposing a Desgn.should support it with P.A.
When Grading is proposed for first time; U have to have all employees personal dtls. to ensure that their Qlfcn. Exp. are there in Per.file & checked. Pl. read my last mail on Co.Appn. If u have not collected Co.Appn./Bio- data, pl.use my new Co.Appn.with 60 points which will capture all Per.details of one Form instead of collecting inpiecemeal. Pl.check ur Co. Appn.& check No.of points & revert to share more.)
Even for Upgradation, Promotion, S.I., the concerned HODs should fill up P.A. Form with justification; so that HRD & Mgmnt will not be questioned for any anomaly or denial to left out employees.
P.A.Form should be self-explanatory with checks & balance points; to facilitate:-
A. HODs to assess his candidates work performance, attitude, his full personal details etc., & propose.
B. HRD to review; taking into account absenteeism, misconduct, Merit of the case; effect/reaction it may cause to Other employees who were left out etc.,
and put up to MD for consideration & appl. so that both HODs & HRD do checks & balance exercise to minimize any flaw or anomaly in implementing and Mgmnt & HRD is not ridiculed for any problems; later.
My P.A.Form contains essential 25 points to help HOD to Personal details etc., & for HRD to review, verify the merit of the case before putting up for MD’s appl.
P.A.Form plays an imp.role to facilitate HOD & HRD to implement any proposal. Hence, Pl.check No.of points in your existing PA to see if it contains essential checks & balance points required to consider a proposal. If not, to share more.
As the NEW YEAR Jan., 2019 is fast approaching & many P&A Mgrs.will be busy in making
Holidays List-2019, Annual P.A., Leave Card,
various Proposals including Printing of different Forms for HR Works, I request you to read the 13 Imp.HR Systems, Rules etc. given in the Attachment which are NOT there in many Cos., or; are not updated.
Thanking you & awaiting to hear from you,
Yours sincerely,
• C.N. Khan, HR& Management Consultant & Advocate, (Ex-(AGM (HR&A),
• Mobile - 9535470460 EMail:

From India, Mumbai
HM Ravi
Respected Sir, I Would like to infrom you that we have contraction PVT Ltd Comany , we have to apply under Bulding and other Constraction Workers Act . we need clear Picther regarding how to registration and what kind of documents needed to registraation
From India, Bengaluru
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