Employee data being very critical, is Kredily reliable? Also, is it completely free of cost?
From India
Hr & Payroll Consultant At Kredily


Dear Aditi,
Thank you for your questions. My name is Sairam and I am an HR and Payroll consultant for Kredily. As a potential user, you have some valid concerns. So, let me help you clear them.
Kredily is a cloud-based FREE HR and Payroll software. Our aim is to provide an enterprise-grade software to the whole of working-class India. Offering it for free makes our product accessible to everyone, no matter your company size or industry. We are backed by one of the top venture capital funds and our mission is to democratize HR Tech and Fintech for pan India financial inclusion.
If the HRMS product is free, what is Kredily’s revenue model?
At Kredily we are creating a marketplace for working class Indians and ‘Kredily Finance’ is one of our first offerings. Through Kredily Finance we connect your employees to the best financial institutions to help them get pre-approved loans and other financial products at best terms. And our financial partners pay us a commission fee that brings in revenue for our company.
Important Note - We do not share your employee data with a third party. If an employee wants to avail a loan or a financial product through Kredily Finance, he or she has to share their employment and salary data with the respective financial institution as required. We are just a platform that facilitates the transaction.
Is your data secure with Kredily?
We agree that employee data is very critical and hence we have taken the following steps to safeguard your data
Kredily’s website is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). A few other companies using AWS are Amazon, Airbnb, BMW, General Electric and Netflix
Kredily uses advanced security measures like robust transport layer security to protect customer data through server authentication
As a user, only you have access to upload, edit or modify any employee data. You can also export all your employee data at any point in time from the Kredily system
After looking at our robust security features, 1000+ companies have trusted us with their employee data.
Hope I have addressed your concerns. In case, you have further queries please write to us at
On every Tuesday and Thursday, we conduct live demos on how to use HRMS and Payroll features of Kredily. Please register using the below links
1) HRMS Live Demo -
2) Payroll Live Demo -
Sairam Bandi
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From India, Bengaluru
There is No option to delete an employee. Why ? There is No option to delete admin/Account Why?
From India, Abusar

There is an option to deactivate an employee. You can find this option in the Employee profile -> Work tab -> Basic Info-> Employee Status. Change the employee status to Inactive. As soon as the employee is made Inactive, they will lose access to login to Kredily and their name will not appear in the Directory.
However, if you still want an employee to be deleted from the records, then please write to .
To deactivate an admin account, please follow the above procedure
Sairam Bandi

From India, Bengaluru
Check out HRAPP. A 360-degree HR Management Platform. HRAPP is India’s most sought Free HRMS and Payroll software (  and has been trusted by 800+ companies. A few benefits of using HRAPP Payroll software are.
Hiring made easy and efficient.
With HRAPP, achieve 10X more productivity and efficiency by managing all data related to Recruitment at one place. Keep track of the complete life cycle of candidates, right from identifying to hiring. Record the results and efficiency of all the recruitment campaigns.HRAPP also allows you to manage candidates’ details like contact information, personal details, resume and cover letter on a centralized database. Keep them informed of their application status by sending automated messages.
Streamline hiring with Workflow Engine
Simplify the Recruitment process by streamlining it entirely using HRAPP’s Workflow Engine. Define the Recruitment Process Workflow, set rules and qualifying yardsticks for each stage and assign them to the right Manager.HRAPP notifies the Managers of their tasks and will transform hiring into a collaborative and efficient process.
Automate with Document Template Engine
With HRAPP, send Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Confirmation Letter and more through preset templates. Easily personalize the templates by choosing the Employee’s name and an appropriate Digital Signature.Automate repeated tasks with Document Template Engine and focus more on the work that really matters.
Employee Self Service
Employees can easily access and update their Personal Information, apply for Leaves, check the Leave Approval status, plan future leaves and view the Payment and Payslip summaries.
Payroll needn’t be complicated any more
Streamline the complete payroll process with the simple, effective and user-friendly features of HRAPP. Payroll is a complicated process that involves the precise calculation of working hours, leaves, commissions and allowances which might overwhelm you and drain your energy. With HRAPP, simplify and manage all payroll related tasks effortlessly on a single, intuitive platform.
Create, Track and Nurture Employee Performance
Employees are the real asset of an organization. To reward them based on performance, it’s highly imperative to eliminate second- guesses and subjectivity. HRAPP helps you replace clumsy and tiresome paper-based performance evaluation systems with a reliable, intuitive and efficient online system.
Give your employees the tools they will love to use
Entrusting control in the hands of your employees not only motivates them but it will also save you time. Making the workplace engaging and your employees empowered has many fruitful benefits such as streamlined communication, increased efficiency and faster turnaround time.
Track and monitor productivity accurately
Managing and tracking attendance may become cumbersome, especially if your organization has a Field Sales department. HRAPP comes with a number of useful features to make attendance tracking a cakewalk.
Create optimal rosters. No confusions. No stress.
Scheduling shifts may seem like the most complicated process. Coordinating with all the employees, taking account of their leaves and preferences to organize shifts not only consumes a lot of your time but a lot of your energy too. Shew your worries off as HRAPP lets you plan optimal rosters to enable maximum productivity.
Managing Taxation and Compliance has never been this easy
Taxation and Compliance policies may be complicated, but HRAPP makes it easy for you.HRAPP comes with simple yet comprehensive features to manage and maintain all statutory and compliance norms.
Sit back and simplify the Expense Management process
Applying for Reimbursement,tracking them, validating proofs and finally approving the expenses may become a cumbersome task, as it involves a lot of paperwork and follow-ups. With HRAPP powered by Machine Learning,upload,apply and approve expense in a few-clicks.
One Click Salary Payment
HRAPP has partnered with ICICI Bank, India’s largest and most preferred private bank for an integrated salary platform - the HRAPP PayOut. Get a seamless payroll experience, improve work efficiency and stay relaxed.

From Australia, South Yarra
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