Dear Seniors,
Please suggest, one of my friend is working as Manager - HR in a small scale industry from the past two years. Now her Managing Director is asking her to sit in the reception and work for both the departments, what has to be done by her, she has to quit from the place where there is no self respect or obey her boss.

From India, Bengaluru
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,
Ordering HR Manager to become temporary receptionist shows the psyche of the MD of that company. Probably he considers that persons working in non-technical or non-operational departments have interchangeable roles.
Should HR Manager accept this order or should she quit? The reply depends on the necessity of the job that HR Manager has. If your friend is not in critical need of the job then she can quit the employment. Otherwise let her swallow her pride and accept whatever comes in her path.
If the quits the employment then what is guarantee that she will get another job immediately? However, if she works as receptionist, then she will earn trust of her MD and it could sow seeds of her growth in the organisation.
In many organisation's, MD's have their man Fridays. They are close to MD and many times they are called miniature MD as well. However, they did not become man Friday overnight but it took several years to be so. During those years, they did all sorts of menial jobs that MD told them. They also merged their personal needs in the needs of the MD. Over a period of time, MDs reward these people because they did what they were told to do without grumbling.
What decision your friend should take cannot be ascertained by we the members of this forum.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Suresh Rathi

Generally this kind of situation arises in Pvt Co’s. Mr.Devekar has offered sane and sound advise. Col.Suresh Rathi
From India, Delhi

It may be "funda" of management to ask employee to leave job without using harsh words, I suggest to search another job on priority basis. If there is no respect to HR Manager level person then such organisation cannot sustain for long term.
Asif Mulla

From India, Pune
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Madam,
In an organisation, where MD level person 's thinking stoops so low that the HR manager can temporarily replace the Receptionist , is not fit to work. If your friend is worth her salt, should walk out without any hesitation. Let the idiotic MD know that HR profession has a dignity of its own and they are not rifraffs which are available roadside.
Vinayak Nagarkar.

From India, Mumbai

This order conveys many things: Thought process of MD Amount of respect for the job of HR Knowledge level of MD Opinion about the HR manager also. Best is to leave with dignity.
From India, Pune

When you say its small scale company there may be a time when such situation can arise for the time being.
There is always a thin line between ego and dignity.
Self assessment of the individual is becessary to understand as to why MD has assigned this low profile task to Hr Manager and not anyone else.
Also one should understand the gravity of his/her need before deciding to quit.
Its easy to quit but difficult to get a job these days.
On positive note Isugget to stay and wait for few days and understand the whole situation while having search for job on the other hand before jumping on to direct descision.

From India, Vadodara

Maybe the organization is a small one and MD is trying to cut costs and there is not much work for the receptionist though a person has to be available to take the calls, if any especially if it pertains to the Customers and/or for the MD. However, as rightly suggested by our learned members, the call is for you to take. If you feel your pride is getting hurt and you go by the designation and feel that you cannot come up in the company or anywhere by doing this role, you may quit. But what is the next step and what will be your answer as to why you quit the previous company? Why not speak to the MD and check as to what exactly is in store for you in the long run? If it is a short term /stop-gap, there should not be an issue. If the answer is vague and not satisfactory, better look out for a better job and quit. Do not quit and brood over the issue.
Thanks and Regards

From India, Hyderabad
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Madam,
Even granting that there were exigencies to replace somebody to do the job of Receptionist, the MD should have asked HR to recruit temporary Receptionist, and as an interim arrangement request her to handle the reception. Any work has it's own dignity at workplace and emergencies people do understand and cooperate.
But what is regrettable is the absence of this thinking demonstrated by the MD.
By his same logic, I ask MD , would he do janitor's job if the person is on long leave?
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai

There is very thin line between Ego and dignity.
Positions and profiles in profession brings a great deal of change in attitude and behaviour.
Yesterday there was a news in local news paper that one of the collectors in his office building washed and wiped stains of Pan spits in the corners of the building.
It sets an example for people that at times it is required by the leaders to do most low profile work as well.
We can not assesss anybody merely by reading a post.There can be N number of reasons.
As Isaid earlier it requires the Hr manager for himself why MD has asked him to do a reception work.
I believe a manager in his capacity can always assess and analyse this situation.
If ego has struck,pls can not be comfortable by compramising his ego or dignity.

From India, Vadodara
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