S Gopinathan Shanmugam
I worked in a company for 3 years. I resigned recently.
While I working in the company, company gave me a number to check, to get my pf uan number.
I went to check in Employment office in chennai both rayepet, ambatur.
They say this number belongs to some other's (Suganthi .V) number.
I went to company and told them, that employment office says that number is some other's (Suganthi .V) number.
Company told me they correct that. Months only went. No further reaction from company.
I try to solve this while I working in the company. But time only went. No movement. Few months before I resigned from the company.
I went to ask the company about my pf uan number.
They says , they gave " Joint Declaration By The Member And The Employer " letter to correct name only. On that time i ask to employer is that enough for changes. They say that is enough.
I went to employment office,
in rayepet, gave that letter.
They gave attested copy and told me to come after one month.
I went after one month. Employment office says that number, company not registered in their zone. They told me , to ask company where i want to give the letter. I went to company to ask for details.
I got " Joint Declaration By The Member And The Employer" letter from company to give in ambatur.
This time company gave letter for full change, that is Name, Father name, Date of Birth.
I went employment office in ambatur. They says they won't accept letter. Because it is full changes. So I want to go to company and ask company. They says Company want to changes details, employee can't changes details.
I told to company about this.
Company says wait for further. They will
tell details later. They not giving proper responses.
I want to complaint about company, want to take action against company. What I want to do please tell.

From India, Chennai

Hello S Gopinathan Shanmugam,
You can edit your some basic detail online.
For this first of all you need to register your self on UAN member portal.
After registration you can modify your basic detail like and Date of birth as given in your Aadhar card.
After submitting your detail your previous will have to authenticate the same through digital signature online.
For withdrawal of your PF fund you need not to visit any office and the same you can do online.
Above mentioned address will help you more to understand new system.
Rahul Sindhwani

From India, Varanasi
S Gopinathan Shanmugam
Hello Rahul Sindhwani
I am not sure that company submit my proof to get pf number. Not sure about my mobile number give for registration.
I got from company a pf uan number. But employment office says that number belongs to some other's. Company only saying that is my pf uan number.
I only got a letter from company called, " Joint Declaration By The Member And The Employer". But employment office won't accept that letter. They says it is fully changing, company only want to changes.
I got suffer because of this nearly year. Company pushing me with that letter, delaying their process. Employment office says company only can change this. Company neglecting this, not taking serious.
I want details that what legal action can take against company. By the way thanks for your replies.

From India, Chennai

Hello S Gopinathan Shanmugam,
You can register your mobile number without the help of your company.
You have the detail of your PF account (Joint declaration form).
You can submit detail as per Joint declaration form and once you register you can modify your some basic detail like your name and DOB as per your aadhar card .
Once you modify these details, ask your company to authenticate them through digital signature.
If there is problem only in the name than you need not to submit any other document in PF office. But if your DOB is also wrong and the difference is of more than 1 year than you have to submit proof of your DOB along with Joint declaration form containing reference no. of your modification application online in your regional PF office.
Rahul Sindhwani

From India, Varanasi
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