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I am working in finance team from last 5 years. In our company payroll and PF, ESI,LWF handeled by Finance Team. Our HR wants to takeover charges for PF and ESI and for that they started complaining about my work from last year and then we have handover it to HR with proper training. But after that they have started creating problems for me and if I am finding any errors in HR and Admin bills then they are talking itnaa personal and passing comments in from of other employee. Because company owner are living in USA.
More than 3 times they have compared me with street dog in I direct way because they got approval on in appropriate bills. I am senior from them but due to weekend in good communication I am unable to clear all details with seniors and due to this HR is talking advantage. With their personal comments they are mentally harrassing me .I have sent their behavior issues with seniors but they have responded that I have no documents proof and even no employee will support you because employees are not familiar with me. In that case they seniors are not taking Any action on HR . I want to change my job at earliest but I am handling my team alone from last 1 year so It's not possible to leave job on short notice but I am unable to take mental pressure. So please suggest what should I do because they are creating my negative image in front of all employees.

From India, Delhi
Rahul Chhabra

Dear Anony, Keep your self esteem high and learn to manage conflicts at work. Learn to be assertive! You may have some or other issues at every workplace. Regards, Rahul Chhabra
From India, Delhi

Dear Friend,
Don't bother with the tricks played by your counterpart. Feel proud that you have handled PF / ESI remittance these many years and you have trained them and handed them over the above task. Communication do make sense but please note it is not the ONLY SKILL that is needed always. You have a wide knowledge (cross functional) and this adds your expertise.
Just neglect those negative forces and try to concentrate more in your tasks as the pressure they exert on you might distract your normal work.
Trying for a new job might not solve your problem, as the new environment / management / or your new team / your new boss may go wrong sometimes by simply judging you on your communication alone and making the same atmosphere which you feel right now in your company.
Try to make your presence more meaningful in your present company by taking new responsibilities so that, no one will let you leave your company and surely they will be with you to support you forever.
best wishes,
M. Harishkumar.

From India, Tiruchengode

Sad to Hear This. Is there any such thing, you felt you did wrong to any body? If your answer to yourself is "NO", Then you need not to bother. Be Positive and ensure that you dont react to negative things. Abide strictly to the work Policies and guidelines and maintain your self esteem.
You are Accounts person, be bold and face the heat with courage.

From India, Vadodara
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear colleague in distress,
If you feel some unjust and vindictive treatment is being meted out to you by HR, you have to decide whether you want to fight it out to its logical end on your own strength or not.
If the answer is yes, do the following:
1. You need to gather evidence against HR as without that it is difficult to accept your version. So you can record the taunts, bad words of them/other colleagues in your mobile secretly as it happens.
2 . Point out how inappropriate bills were got sanctioned which is serious misconduct on their part.
3 Keep recording other incidences of wrong doings of HR date wise and present the entire evidence to the top management and seek justice.
What results you will get is not known but if you decide to leave the organisation , at least fight it out till end to teach lesson to HR who are supposed to be conscience keepers but themselves appearing to be trampling it if your version is to be believed.
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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