We are working on 1st and 3rd Saturdays only ,that too for Half day. If any one is absent on Saturday, will it be considered as half day leave or full day leave Waiting for your response.
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Indu,
It depends completely on your organisations decision, but ideally if working hours for Saturday is 4 hours and someone absent for the day then it will be considered as full day absent only.

Dear Indu,
It depends. Why your management have specifically chosen the first and the third Saturdays only as working days that too half a day each? Whether all the employees or a skeleton staff alone are required to work? Whether these two half working days are meant for any interaction between the field/branch staff and the head office? Whether this practice is in vogue under any collective bargaining agreement with the employees? Only the answers to such and other of questions regarding the practical and factual issues in your organization can give an appropriate response to the query raised in the thread. My personal view would be to treat any leave taken on such a half working day as a whole day's leave to ensure the achievement of the purpose of this arrangement.

From India, Salem

I worked in an organisation which observed Saturday as only 1/2 day, but leave on the day meant full day leave i.e one day.
From India, Pune
Even if the working hours are decided as 4 hours for an day one should not confuse it with half day working. Working hours are 4 hours means operations for the day will be active for 4 hours as decided by your management but if any one decides to take a leave it will not be compared to working hours it will be benchmarked absence for working hours in an org & will lead to full day leave.
From India, Pune

It depends the Leave Policy of your Company. In general half day working is treated as full day working and any leave taken or absence from duty is treated as full day leave i.e. one day.
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(PAN INDIA Labour Law Compliance,
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From India, Kolkata
What your policy speaks over the matter or Standing order?
Whether you receive 1/2 pay or full pay for satyrday working?
Whether you count saturday working is 1/2 or full while count leave or gratuity?
Any absent on saturday to be considered as one day, if is getting full pay for that day.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Colleague,
Treating one day's leave for absence of half day on Saturday, has sound logic.
Firstly, for half day working salary is paid for full day and secondly to discourage employees from taking leave on half day working on Saturdays.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai
Dear Colleague,
Treating full day's leave for half day's absence of half day working on Saturdays has sound logic.
First, for working half day on Saturdays, full salary is paid. Second, to discourage employees to take advantage of availing leave on Saturdays although it is made half day working .
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai

Hi Indu,
I second Umakandan in his views. Also ideally it will be considered as full day leave. Though you work reduced hours on the mentioned Saturdays, those days are considered as one business day ethically. Still you can go ahead and speak with your management and try going extra mile, by considering leaves on Saturday as half a day. Provided you should have a good Leave Management tool. Good luck!

From India, Bangalore

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