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Is grammar THE must thing which should be CORRECT for mail writing?
From India, undefined
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Labour Law & Hr Consultant
Process Industry Consultant / Soft Skill
Management Consulting, Management Development,
Insolvency N Gst Professional

Prashant B Ingawale

Other than Vocabulary is also very important to write concisely.
From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Ankit,
Your question is akin to asking whether spices and salt is necessary in Indian recipe. It is not just a question of having spices and salt but their right quantity is also important.
Imagine for a while if someone serves you poorly prepared dish. Imagine salt is less or more, spices are less or more. What opinion you would make of a person who has prepared this dish? When you transmit an email with grammatical mistakes, the recipient will have same opinion about you.
Learning language is skill. Command over language shows a person's quality orientation or even his values. Now by transmitting poorly worded mail whether to make poor impression or create good impressive with impeccable mail, the choice is yours!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Stick to subject.
Write without spelling/gramatical mistakes, jargon, short forms which your receipient may not understand.
Courtesy is a hall mark of any good communication form-verbal or written.
Accuracy, brevity are also hall marks of good write ups.

From India, Pune

Dear Ankit,
I am 100% agree with you. Actually I am working in Private Company as HR Manager for the last 27 years. I was joined there as HR Assistant then slowly slowly I achieved lots of award then finally last year I was promoted as Manager (HR) and you will be surprise, at this age (47) I have completed my MBA in HR.
Sometime you dipressed with your designation beacuse of non- professional degree . Before 2 years I had decided for start the study. My Son & me we both have completed our MBA last year. But due to working woman I had choose sikkim mahipal and he has completing regular MBA in sales and mktg. My main point to write this topic is my drafting. Actually I had completed my graduation from government school in 1989. No body in my house was educated and atmostphere was proper middle class family . Aim of our parents was only Marriege of daughter. I regret that my drafting is very poor.

From India, Noida
Soumitra Sengupta

Dear Ankit,
Greetings ....
I have a feeling that a mail not just convey a message, but speaks a lot about the sender and sketches the "frame of mind" of the sender on the topic of the mail while delivering a perfect communication to Recipients. A wrongly constructed sentence distorts or deviates from the "communicable" and surely run risk of misunderstanding on the part of the recipent that could be "catastrophic" at times.
It is therefore essential for a email user to make sure that the message drafted is correct, to the point and communicates rightly to the recipients.
Wishes .....

From India, Pune

Dear Ankit,
You need to understand why do you write a mail or letter? Any communication is either in verbal or in writng, you will agree to this. While you are writing something on X but while reading if it gives an impression of Y, means there is some thing wrong. The grammer is given a construction to a sentence which is your expression for the receiver. In absence of grammer your expression would not take palce either may be mail or anything.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Ankit,
Grammar is the way in which words are put together to form proper sentences to convey the intended meaning in communication. Certainly, it can not be an exception to mail-writing in view of the specific features of e-mails like multitude, speed, brevity, frequency of purpose etc. Grammar can again be classified into (1) Descriptive Grammar and (2) Prescriptive Grammar. Descriptive Grammar is the scrutiny of words and sentences based on the practical usage adopted by the people who speak the language. Prescriptive Grammar, on the other hand, is very much oriented with the strict compliance of the rules of Grammar as followed in authoritative sources and academic institutions. But, what is crucial is the acceptance of the fact that grammar is imperative to communicating accurately and ensuring that we are understood. Therefore, the option is inevitably dependent on the purpose of communication and the persons who are addressed. In business or official context, grammatical mistakes should not distort the purpose of communication. Long back, I read somewhere that how the wrong placement of a simple preposition "To" can disastrously change the meaning in an employment advertisement for sailors and officers in Merchant Navy as follows:
What actually mentioned in the ad was
"Note: The facility to carry wives on board to Officers only is available"
instead of " The facility to carry wives on board is available to officers only"
See, how grammar matters in communication.

From India, Salem

Dear Ankit, For writing mail grammar, spelling and way of presentation should always be correct because it represents your quality and as well as your knowledge. Akrity Srivastava
From India, Bengaluru
Arif ur Rehman

Ankit Dear:
Even if it's just one single sentence - you simply cannot afford to ignore grammar (there are definite rules to be followed), style, diction and the choice of words - it has got to be picture perfect.
Have a pleasant day.
Arif ur Rehman

From Pakistan, Karachi
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