Hello, may i know what is the difference between 'TIME OFFICE' & 'TIME MANAGEMENT' ?
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Time office is purely mean the department which is part of Human Resources which deals with attendance and leave for the employees. Time Office is also very useful to be in touch and find nerves of the employees in the big organisations.
Time Management is the art which is been use to manage your time effectively by setting priorities for the tasks assigned to you or which are lined up for completion. Effective management of time with setting priorities mean Time management.


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Time Management is a function to keep record of employees attendance for wages administration. Whereas the Time Management function is done through the Time Office. This is a section of Human Resources Department to deals with attendance,leave,PF,ESI and Gratuity for the employees.

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Friends, I just would like to say what you have said: Time Office maintains your time i.e. attendance whereas Time Management is an Art of Managing your Time.
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is a place in the Premises of a Factory or Estt.where every workman is required to appear for Marking his Attendance before and after his duty each day in the manner Prescribed from time to time by the Management.
In most Cos. Time Office (TO) is kept & maintained for keeping Attendance Regrs, In & Out Regrs., Movement Regrs etc., to enable the employees to sign in Attendance Regr etc., on arrival, while departing etc.,
Some Cos. keep Time Office near to the main gate or entry place; so that the employees will sign in the Regrs. before going to allotted works spots.
Some Cos. Keep T.O. & Security Office in the same place for better coordination with Security. In continuous process Cos. which work for 24 hrs in 3 shift, HR Staff will supervise the General shift while the Security will supervise B & C Shifts to reduce man power. HR Staff & Security together will monitor employees movement.
Even where Punching system, Bio-metric is installed for recording In & Out Times of employees, it is kept at the T.O. cum S.O. for better supervision while entering & leaving the Factory premises.
Most Cos.exhibits Imp. Acts like Factories Act, S.O.Act, M.W., PWA etc., Working Hours, Notices, Office Orders Circulars, Holiday List etc., on the Notice Boards kept in the Time Office so that the employees get imp.infn.on attending T.O.,and comply with them.
Thus; T.O. acts as Infn., Communication, Suggestion centres. HODs gathers many infn thru T.O.
TIME MANAGEMENT is a process by which employees work-time is studied to evaluate Manpower requirement, J.D., etc., Some Cos. Hire specialist to study the Time & Motion of certain works to check time taken to perform the work and analyse the Manpower requirement for each Dept.
INTRODUCTION. (Abrevations used to save space).
I am an Ex AGM-HR&Adm.with 40+ HR,IR,LEGAL, & Admn., Works of 7 Mfg. Cos.- Steel Plant, Power, Chemical , Electronics Plants & Mines.
I am providing Consultancy on all aspects of H.R., Co., Mines, S.O., Leave, PF, ESI- Management - (in Hard/ Soft-Copy, ppt for easy Presentation, Understanding & Adoption).
I am providing below
SOLUTIONS to some of the Per. & Admin. PROBLEMS for your infn. please.
As these are imp.Rules, u may print & read them leisurely. I hope; it will be informative & useful for ur P&A works.

Some Co.ís face Manpower(MP)Shortage during Festivals like Duserha, Divali etc., when 3-4 days Holidays come at a time.
This problem can be reduced by providing Optional Holidays; i.e.,
Republic Day, Independence Day,
Gandhi Jayanthi, Karnatak Rajyotsav Day
May Day are fixed
Whereas; employees can be given Option to take Festival Holidays (6- as per Co.Rule)in a staggered way; depend-ing upon the urgency of work tobe regulated by HODs.
This will help Continuous Working of the Cos.(like Mfg., Prodn.,etc.,for un-interrupted Works) and ensures Min.MP to man Essential Services like Prodn., O&M, A/c.s, HR etc., as most emplís donít observe all Festivals at 1 time & so, when 1 set of emplís take Holiday, other set can work & vise-versa. Thus, HODs can plan min.MP for Shift duty/ maintain Essential Services by adjusting MP to suit his needs & avoid work-stoppage etc. due to Holidays (without increasing Declared Holidays or violating N&F Holidays Act).
To Control, keep track of Optional Holidays, U have to adopt Leave Card System. Otherwise, where will u enter Holidays availed by the empls; how to keep track to ensure that empls. take only 6 out of 20 Festivals ?
As Jan. 2018 is fast approaching, pl. go thruí my HR Systems, Rules; so that U can discuss for Adoption from new year 2018.
Some Cos. still use Leave Appn.(LA) Loose Forms to take Leave every time: As LA is loose, difficulty to Check, Account, Store, keep track; to make Monthly Salary besides PAPER & Printing Cost/WASTE where hundreds of emplís work.
You can PRINT & Use LEAVE CARD (LC)-RECORD & Stop LA:. LC is handy, Seniors can always Check, Find No.of times, days Leave taken; to Calculate Monthly CL, SL,PL/EL,OH, LWOP to make Salary. LC is a Record & Statutory and cannot be manipulated like Loose LA.
1 Card for 1 Employee for 1 year.
You can introduce LC from 1.1.2018. After one year, keep old LC- in Per.File as Record to verify in future. Easy for P&A. to work out Entitlement, Balance- Leave Management & Salary preparation. It is cheap & easy to maintain. Empl. will know how often he is taking Leave & HOD can caution, Mis-use/approve on need basis. Custody-P&A.Dept.. Each HOD to keep LC to facilitate his take Leave. HR to call LC when Reqd., to update Leave Regr, make Salary- Month-end, & in work out Leave earned, availed & balance & post in LC of all employees and update Leave Regr.
As the L.C. is frequently checked by HRM, HODs, Auditors & empl., GM / MD can rely on L.C. as an accepted document to crosscheck Leave encashment, DOJ, & approve F.S. & avoid empl. disputing Leave bal. while making F.S.
Absenteeism is becoming a serious problem in some Cos. HRMgr. is blamed for laxity. It can be controlled by using above Form. HRM to take Action against erring employee or when a HOD sends A.N.F. to him. Proper Disc.Procedure tobe followed for AOS lest; Court may nullify Termination as void.
(As per New PF & ESI Notifications (PF Form-11 to replace earlier Form 2 & Form 13), Cos. have to collect & provide all employees personal details + their Family, dependents, Nominee + Aadhar, Pan Card, Bank dtls.etc. & to keep in Per. Files; & to show to Officials to get benefits to employees in critical times).
1. Apptt. Order which binds Employer-Employee Relation do not contain essential t & c. of Service (Min. t & c -30 points). Pl. check No. of points in ur A.O. If not issued; pl. issue now to regulate/ Regularize Employment Relation as required under Labour Acts.
2. Existing Co. Application / Bio-data Form not providing imp. dtls.of all emplís, Family, Dependants, Nominee, Person to Contact in Emergency to update / furnish details in Statutory Returns to F.I., L.I.,P.F.I., ESI, Gratuity, HRIS etc.,(My NEW BIO-DATA FORM will help to collect all such infn.50 Points. Some Cos. adopted them as their Co.Appn. had less than 20points. Pl.check no. of points in ur Co.Appn. Form).
Where Co.Appln./Biodata was already collected while Joining; subsequent changes in Per.Infn. to be collected from all emplís; using P.I.C.N. Form.
However, many P&A Mgrs. donít have this Form & face problems to collect/give Per.dtls. to GM/MD, Govt.Officers etc. as following current infn. is missing-
1. No Present Address to send Notice to X,
2. Mobile No. changed & unable to contact X
3. No Nomineeís detls.or dtls. of Person to contact in Emergency; to Notify accident etc.
4. No Nomineeí detls. to send payment of deceased X
5. No detls. of Marriage/Family, Children, dependents
6. No detls. of Aadhar,Pan Card for PF, ESI, I.Tax etc.
7. No detls. of latest Addnl. Qlfcn. etc., to review Career Growth, Spl.Increment etc.,
As the above infn. have changed after joining/ giving Ist Bio-Data,and if Per.infn. not collected for 3-4 yrs., pl.make all emplís to fill & submit P.I.C.N. now so that U will have all employees dtls. in one Form (instead of piecemeal) to update Statutory Returns, PF, ESI, HRIS, Per.files etc.
My NEW P.I.C.N. FORM will help you to collect all such one Form.
Every P&A Mgr. must have all Imp. Notifications, HR Systems, Rules to administer Co. works efficiently and P&A Mgr. is liable / answerable to
F.I., L.I., PFI, Pension, ESI, Medical Insurance, Gratuity, GST, PT, other Govt. Officers, Auditors, Superiors, HODs, GM/MD, Employees etc., and he has to solve all employees problems;keep Records in Per. Files for future ref.& to show to all when reqd.
I have developed 100+ Imp. HR SYSTEMS, RULES with my Exp. in 7 different Mfg.& Mines Cos., in Bellary, Chitradurga, Bílur, Chennai, Hyd., & as Secretary for ISO Certification. You may adopt them to improve your P&A. Works, preserve them as Statutory Records to comply with Labour Acts & reduce Legal Cost.
I can provide Soft & Hard copy of
BASIC RULES, FORMS to Professionally Manage all P&A. Works- + Procedures for Adopting:-
PA, OD, OP, GP, VP, TA, LTA, Resignation, Exit Interview, Clearance Certificate, F & F.S.
SHORT & LONG LEAVE Rules, Regr., P.L. Rules- Encash, Appn.Form, MB Rules, Appn.Form, Co.Off Rules +Regr. Appn. Form, Clubbing, W-Off., L.W.O.P.,
S.O. Certification Procedures, Letrs.Forms to Labr.Commr., List of DUTIES, MIS-CONDUCTs, Essential Services, All Service Rules, Forms, Bonds, Deeds, Contracts, Agreements etc.
Ė Provided to Group Cos. to SET UP H.R.Dept. where No P&A. Dept., Per.Files existed, No Co.Appn., Appt. Order, S.O., Leave & Service Rules, ISO Forms existed to Regularise Services of Emplís. working for many yrs.
Most Cos. Hire Experts to train existing Officers to improve the working/productivity of the Cos. MOST VALUABLE ASSET; the HUMAN RESOURCES & to solve HR problems.
Thanks. Pl.discuss with your concerned & reply to share more / Recommend to your friends in other Co.s by forwarding this mail.
With Kind Regards,
C.Neyimkhan, HR&Mgmnt Consultant&Advocate,(Ex-AGM-HR&A)40yrs.exp.
Ph: 9535470460- E-Mailid:
Ex-Member, NIPM, Calcutta, Ex- Tr.-Member, I.I.M., B;luru.
Languages known: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam + Hindi & English

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Dear C.Neyimkhan Sir, Please provide above documents soft copies, it will be helpful in my HR career. Regards Gaurav Tomar
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