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Hi Mr.Sharma,
First i Congratulate u for young Manager. I tnk you have to go ahed positively and prove yourself. (coz we have to proove dat we are abel to manage/face all the problems/challanges).
My dear i also face some problem because of my age. Bt i will prove myself.
So pls go ahed my dear & do the batter tomorrow.
9deep 8)

From India, Pune
Hi JSharma,
Gud Eve
Well it is not simple in any co'.Where u go u have to pass to all the obstalce in ur life as personal or proffesional. U re an HR. HR's are ment to solve the prb. I think u have to take ths as challange & ua can slave.
Firstly take out farm ur mind that u re in top position & when u re circle behave as though u re one among them,make them feel by communicating,having fun,creating jokes,tell about ur past experince how did u get in to ths field & ur strulling part of ur life.Ths will have an impact on their mind,that in ths boy is diff frm others & faced lot .Therfore they never compare u but they see how unique re u frm others. Instead they benchmark u.
Hope ths plan might help u.Always do & hope for the best.Be a positive thinker.
Bye & T C

From India, Bangalore
I is a issue of experience and not of age.
There are many things in life which we learn from experience...
And if the person have this thought in his mind that "He is too young to be HR-Manager or he has achieved alot for his age...that will actually stop the learning process"...
You need to mingle with people...understand their issues and problems...solve those issues and problems...rather than maintaining the distance...

From India, Mumbai
Hi JSharma,
I can understand your situation . Actually when a small org. plans to set up H.R Dept. they forget to take advice from H.R professional. I mean it is set by the person who doesn't know anything abt H.R. Like if we see ur case...a senior person should have been appointed in ur org so that he/she can set the policies & make ppl adapt to the changes. For a person who has just enterd in H.R Profession, it is extremely difficult to bring these changes coz he himself is new to the environment.
My suggestion is to leave the org. ASAP , you won't be able to learn much here. One needs a senior person to tell him what is right & what is not.
Now , the problem is the Bond. I would like to know whether it is just mentioned in the offer letter or a separate legal doc. has been signed by you. Let me know.
I shall get back to you with the possible ways I can find for your situation.

From India, Mumbai
Hi JSharma

You are in a peculiar situation.

In a job, three things matter to be effective- Age & Experience & Attitude.

You lack two of them as of now -[Nothing to feel bad about- everyone starts this way]

It is very natural that the people in your company will resent your presence.

You can try the u/m approach:

-- Be prepared to learn from the people around you. You just say to everyone that i will learn from you.

-- Be courteous to the people around you -despite their opposition.

-- Don't try to boss over them/teach them things.

-- Don't get overawed by the situation. Just do your job as anyone else in your position would do.

-- Tackle each one of the persons at an individual level. Never see a group of people as a 'Group'. Create bonds with them individually.

-- Identify amongst the lot who are the major influencers/leaders and get them to your side.

-- At some point your personality can overcome all major and minor obstacles. So don't get discouraged by initial problems.

## Try all methods for an year. Still if you don't make any headway then look for a company where there an HR hierachy and you can gain some different kind of experience.



From India, Delhi

Congratulations for your success.I must say you are lucky and deserving. I understand what you must be going through .

I would suggest a few things which can make you more efficient

1. Respect the feelings of your colleagues who are trying to make you feel worst.

2. Try as much as possible to be friendly and seek their advice for any decision to be taken.

3. Give importance to them and make them feel that their inputs are more valuable where in the decisions will be taken as a group and you will not feel like a odd man out.

4. All I can say is treat them like father figure and dont bother about the designation coz designation can be anything the level of maturity and level of handling senior people is important and am sure you will do it and you can do it.

5. Everyday you go to office,greet all you seniors irrespective of whether they respond to you or not, follow Gandhigiri style one day they will respect you for all you do and treat you like God.

6. Be patient and just do your work dont take it personally if some one is trying to pull you down be strong and think about waht you have to achieve,rest all the things will fall in place.

I hope I have helped you a bit.

Regards & ALL THE BEST !!!!!


I am trying to undergo your feelings but what I feel regarding this you have to talk to the person who appointed you, clear him with the picture and ask him to guide/ help you cos if they have appointed you, there must be some reason to fillup that place of HR manager and pay you. For that sake only they should help you with this problem.

I am Reddy done my MBA.I am looking or a HR job in Hyderabad. I need someone to help me out. I have a gap of 2 years after my pass out bcoz of some personal problems. I am ready to pay any amount if U can help me in getting a good offer. Right now i am working in a small consultancy as a recruiter. Plz feel free to contact me on 9848991255

From India, Hyderabad
Hi JSSharma,
Age does not matter but experience definetly matters not only in HR but in all fields. Try to get into a place where you can work under somebody who has sufficient experience in HR field and gain practical knowledge and inputs, once you have it you can definetly face any kind of people or situations.

From India, Bangalore
I don't think...its depends on person's capability how he can cope with the job assigned to him/her. You are very lucky you got the opportunity. Just i m 30+ even i m trying to get this opportunity..My best wishes to u just go thru it and accept the challenges which comes in your progess of profession.
bye goodluck!

From India, Mumbai

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