Aishwarya Manjunath

Im working as a junior HR in a start-up company which has Media and It verticals as it's services... We have weekly team meetings arranged to discuss the progress and performance of every employee. I am asked to keep a tracker to record all these performance and evaluate every 3 months.
Anybody has an idea how to keep a weekly tracker? what should i include or exclude in it?
Thanks in advance.

From India, Bengaluru
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Amit Aishwary Choudhary
Managing People At Work.

Dinesh Divekar

Dear Aishwarya,

You have asked for the parameters to review the performance. However, before giving a solution to your query, I would like to ask a fundamental question on the efficacy of this method itself.

Monitoring performance every week is close supervision. Generally, it is restricted in the factory and that too at the workers' level. However, the weekly performance review is generally not done at the staff level.

Ex-CEO of HCL Technologies once wrote an article titled "Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders". In this article he wrote the following:

Counting value vs Creating value: You’re probably counting value, not adding it, if you’re managing people. Only managers count value; some even reduce value by disabling those who add value. If a diamond cutter is asked to report every 15 minutes how many stones he has cut, by distracting him, his boss is subtracting value.

To read the complete article, you may click on the hyperlink.

In your case, please ask a question to yourself whether you would be counting the value or adding it or subtracting it.

Students join coaching institutes for the entrance tests like IIT-JEE etc. In the coaching institutes, students are given weekly tests. This method works well in the academic world. However, will it be prudent to extend these academic concepts to the corporate world, that remains to be seen!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Aishwarya Manjunath

Thanks a lot for this valuable feedback sir. I would like to give an example to the current work situation just in case you can help me resolve better.
There are 7 employees currently with us working in different departments yet as a team interdependent on each other for certain tasks. Now is the situation where we are getting complaints saying work is pending and not everybody has the knowledge of what each one is doing. This is where we brought in weekly tracker updates so that work is transparent.
My job currently is to prepare an excel doc and evaluate these weekly trackers and measure their performance every quarter which i am not able to figure out. Do you have anything to add on to this?

From India, Bengaluru
amit aishwary choudhary

Dear Aishwarya,
These are the Following Basic concepts of Track Employee Performance:
#Step 1
Outline to the employees exactly what is expected of them Refer to the job description and explain to them their role in the project at hand. Provide them with their goals and the timeline for the completion of those goals. Set targets that are achievable and take place in a relatively short amount of time.
#Step 2
Walk around the department daily to observe what your employees are doing. This can give you incredible insight not only to the progress of your team but also how they go about working toward those goals.
#Step 3
Instruct employees to give you an account via email or face-to-face meeting of what they are working on and what they completed. Make sure you take notes (or print the email) and keep those notes in a file folder.
#Step 4
Meet with all employees at least once per week and ask direct questions about their job. Ascertain how things are going and help them with any problems they may have. If they are being vague, it might mean that they are not as far along as you want to them to be. Draw the information out of them until you get a sense of where they are at with their goals. Again, take notes and place it in a folder.
#Step 5
Spot-check your employees actual work. You don't have to do it every day, but make sure it's frequent enough that any issues (like low productivity) are being taken care of before they become giant problems.
#Step 6
Listen to what your employees are telling you. Sometimes the best way to really learn how various employees are doing is to listen to what their co-workers are saying about them. Learn to find the subtext in what people are saying so you can get to the heart of the issues.
#Step 7
Take copious notes about your observations of the various employees and keep them in a secure file cabinet. These notes will be your backup for an accolades or, in a worst case scenario, termination.
1.Employee Name
Add the employee name
2.Date and day (you can also add Morning,Afternoon,Evening )
3.Performance Item
Enter objectives in the Primary Column types of work to be performed on specific day/date
4.Success Metrics & Instructions
Add performance metrics & specific details about each objective i.e. set a target to achieve the given objective
5.Weight (%)
Assign weight percentages for each performance item i.e. 100%
6.Attainment (%)
Track the percentage of completion for each performance item
7.Details & Explanation
Add any additional performance details or assessment notes (Good/Bad/Fantastic/)
** If you are again facing a problem of employees performance then you should implement Employees recognition system to motivate, encourage and inspire team members to take up challenges.
For this purpose you must give day-to-day feedback to your employees about their work performance and behaviors and implement a "EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTH", "CASH AWARDS" AND "SHOPPING VOUCHERS" approaches for best performance .

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Aishwarya,
There are three paragraphs in your second post. The second one reads "There are 7 employees currently with us working in different departments yet as a team interdependent on each other for certain tasks. Now is the situation where we are getting complaints saying work is pending and not everybody has the knowledge of what each one is doing. This is where we brought in weekly tracker updates so that work is transparent."
Now one of the solutions before tracking performance is drawing network diagram and using PERT and CPM techniques. PERT and CPM are two important tools of project management. In fact scope of their usage is far larger but in India these are used only in project management. Network Diagram or Arrow Diagram will bring clarity on who stands where and what is the job responsibility. If there is delay at one particular activity node, then you may change the subsequent activity nodes as well.
PERT & CPM techniques, are quite interesting and enjoyable too. Nevertheless, it requires one to have analytical mindset and one has to have average plus interest in Maths or Stats.
Instead of monitoring performance every week, you may convene meeting each week of all the seven persons. However, as said earlier, mere conducting meetings will carry no meaning. First foundation will have to be laid by drawing arrow diagram(s).
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Aishwarya Manjunath

Thanks a lot Amit for your answer. It was really knowledgeable and helpful.
From India, Bengaluru
Aishwarya Manjunath

Thanks a lot Dinesh sir for your reply. I shall surely look into the aspects you have mentioned above.
From India, Bengaluru

From your question, it seems that there is a communication gap between the departments. My suggestion is -
Get a weekly report from Team Leaders
Each team leader must give a report of their department or a team mentioning work status of current assignments, which task is allotted to which team member, list of pending tasks individually (u can add more points).
Once u get these report from the departments, you can call a weekly meeting where your team leaders can have a face to face discussion on the key areas and identify scope of improvement.
Also, that weekly report will help you in monitoring individual performance and in analysing training needs.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Pune
Aishwarya Manjunath

Thanks a lot anju for your reply. I would like to say that we are carrying on with this process holding team meeting and analyzing their trackers. Currently there are no TL's coz we are still in small numbers. But thanks to all for your valuable feed backs. It really helped me.
From India, Bengaluru

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