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Inviting reference to my above post and subsequent replies of senior members I am please to inform you that the management finally agreed to our concern and initiated no amendment in leave policy.
Thanks to senior members specially Mr.Divekar because his suggestion hit the bulls eye.(I took the help of external consultant)
Further I want to inform you that currently we are 150 staffs in our organization and works in 5 location(Client side) across Odisha.Our company growth rate is 60% annually. When I joined there was no proper system in HR and in the past I have successfully stabilized HR department, employee discipline, implemented proper system of reporting, implemented polices like recruitment, leave, advance, employee separation, etc and implemented labour practices as per the law, etc.

But disagreement with management continues as per HR operation is concern and are follows
1. Not ready to implement proper PMS System: Management is satisfied with the performance appraisal system (Feedback system). Based on that report yearly increment takes place. After repeated follow ups also management is not interested to review performance periodically with proper KPI and KRA. When I tried to convince them they say we are improving year by year (financially)so our current approach is OK and will implement this PMS later.
2. No proper increment subject to performance: As there is no proper PMS the increment amount is almost same for all employees. Even they reluctant to rate employee highest rank. (May be to avoid my objection).This year only 4 members got ‘A’ rank including me(Less than 5%).
3. There is no employee benefit program: Currently management doesn’t want to implement like mediclaim, accident policy, NPC etc.(As employee turnover is very less)
Like the above I have difference with the management for employee engagement, training and development etc. As we are scaled up to a new height being an HR I feel that this is right time to implement the above program.
Please note that whatever I implemented here after lots of discussion/ argument with the management. Every time I cannot fight with the management for implementation of next level HR system.
Therefore I request senior members to guide me how smartly to implement those processes for my organization.Also requesting you to suggest If differences will be there with the management then what HR manager should do
• Shall quit, admit his failure and look for another job where HR process is already implemented. (As work will be getting monotonous)
• Continue with that organization and will keep on trying to convince management to implement the above program.
• Are management right with their opinion and my concerns are not alarming.
Thank you for looking into the long written post.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Jitendra,
This is your second long post. It supplements your previous post.
you feel that your concerns are genuine. You feel that whatever you have learnt in your MBA should be put on practice. Nevertheless, your concerns originate from your change orientation. You wanted to see a positive change takes places in your incumbency.
Now let us think from your business owner's point of view. When a company's revenue grows at 60% self-complacence is bound to creep in. Added to growth is low employee turnover which has only helped in strengthening his attitude. At this stage, your employer's thinking is that these are the times to grab with both the hands. Therefore, hell with the principles of management and grab whatever he can grab!
Your employer is exuding highhandedness and more you think of changing his attitude, more you will get stress. Therefore, let the things move the way they are moving and over a period of you move out once you get better opportunity.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Jitendra,
Despite company's growth at 60%, you are meeting with the resistance from the management, for hr improvements you wish to make. I think instead of going for too many changes in one go, you prioritise them and go one by one slowly.
And even if you meet with stiff resistence don't give up.Make out data based , well reasoned case for the selected hr intervention. Remember you have succeeded in convincing onl eave policy, and there is no reason why you will not repeat the same.
Thinking of quitting the job without trying with full throttle and giving a fair time is easy but diffitist option.Choice is yours.
Vinayak Nagar kar

From India, Mumbai

Dear Mr Das,
It is good to understand that you are very keen to implement Policies and procedure to maintain Natural Justice & Fair play in your Plant. Since your employer is a small employer and have only 150 Manpower at different locations so he might be avoiding the systematic process. Please continue your support in the same manner and the day will definitely come for PMS, Increment, Mediclaim, Accident Policy. Please remain yourself update for all mentioned policies.
As you said employee turnover is also very less and things are going good so wait for right moment keep aligned yourself with the team and be positive and motivated.

From India, Mumbai

I would suggest you to put yourself into the shoes of your employer, and think. If you are the business owner whether do you think it will be the most necessary to invest in your ideas.
So, present your idea in costing point of view. Prepare the estimated investment required for your ideas and also what will be the ROI to the management..

From India, Chennai

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion.
Please don't take me wrong. I think there is a misconception that implementation HR system will only increase the cost of the company.In the contrary proper HR system can not only reduce the cost but also improves performance of the employee/ company. I can share some examples of my company.
1.We have 150 employees with 30 to 40 percent work engagement and we spend 38 lakhs INR towards monthly salary.As business are there, management doesn't bother for that. If we increase their engagement to at least 70 percent with proper PMS system just imagine how much cost can be saved per year.
2.We nearly spent 19 lakhs INR in a year towards payment of insurance premium of vehicles and other assets. As the premium dates are different, insurance provider gives individual policy for each assets. For every such payment the concerned person follow the process and got engaged in it.
Now if we go for a one policy for all assets and process the payment at one or two go in a year then we can get better discounted price and claim amount also be better for both old/new assets as insurance provider is getting 19 lakhs of business for one policy. Further, the process time will be reduced drastically and concerned person can be engaged in some other work.
3.We are spending nearly Rs 60,000/- towards payment of CUG mobile connection (with 2G data connection). The plan we have taken is 6 years old. But if we change the plan now then the price may come down to below Rs 30,000/- with 4G data connection.
Like the above many examples can be shared.The above point can be checked and expenses can be reduced if we go for proper HR system and for that spending little amount should not be a problem.
So it is the indifference in ideology with the Management I think as of now it is a big challenge for me to convince them.

From India, Bhubaneswar
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