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Hi all, newly joined manager is deployed in our team, we a small team is directly report to him. His policy is divide and rule but we managed to survive, finally we informed the issues to our skip level manager. Except one , everyone opened up . he used to threaten us by mentioning appraisal and all, he have a good rapport with one of the leadership head. Now he is targetting each one of us by creating unnecessary issues. How to solve this dilemma. He is mentally torturing each and every day by bringing issues. Kindly advice
From India, Ernakulam
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what is your job roles, just properly play don t care..
From India, Bengaluru
Dear friend,
You say that your Manager is mentally torturing your entire team. Since all of you were fed up with him, you raised this issue in the skip-level meeting also. But then what was the outcome of this meeting? Far from reduction of torture, why it has been continued? Since nothing substantive happened after this skip-level meeting, now you need to approach a still higher authority.
However, before you approach the higher authority, you need to have evidence of his torture. Start generating the evidence. Try recording his conversation in your mobile. In addition to this, tell other 2-3 trusted friends to do this. Do not tell entire team to do this because your manager might have planted a mole in your team. Audio recording need not be only when he converses with you but you can do this even when he gives dressing down to some other team member.
You say that he has connection with some senior management personnel. Because of this connection, his ego has been bloated and he rubs you wrong way. Therefore, ask question to yourself about efficacy of swimming against the tide. If you have completed two years or more, just quit the job. To make the life happier it is better to adapt to the situation. But if you are unable to change yourself beyond a point then change the circumstances around you.
Opposite view: - Every coin has two sides. You have written your viewpoint however, we do not know your manager's take. Why is he bad with everybody? Is he a stickler of quality? Is he exacting and you are not accustomed to exactingness? Does he have glowing reference? Has he been given very high-level target and he is obsessed with the target? Does he have sound technical knowledge but has poor interpersonal skills? So far you have looked at his weaknesses but what about his strengths? Does he have steadfast allegiance towards the organisation? Before taking any drastic action, study his personality. All of you sit down together and try mapping his behaviour and find out whether any pattern emerges. A person can be bad with 1-2 members of his team but not with everybody.
All the best!
Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Complaining to a skip boss is always dangerous when you do not know what equation he has with the said skip boss. But you have not given any details of the meeting and the result except that one of them didn't open up. Why was that ? Why was he there at the skip level meeting if he didn't want to say anything.
How did your boss learn of the skip level meeting ?
You have not also given any details other than that he has mentally harassing everyone. In what way is he harassing ? Want are the issues he is bringing up ?
In the end, if you have taken up the step against a superior, and then it back fires, you are rarely left with an option other than quitting your job
From India, Mumbai
Dear Dinesh,
I have no words for your appreciation, what a great write-up. you looked unseen side also. This is called Adviser. Keep - It - Up.
From India, Mumbai
Its a matter of View,
If boss is following Divide n Rule, you need to prove that you are undividable
Instead of getting pressurized you all shall come together and decide a strategy
If you are aware , form a Quality Circle to solve this issue
From India, Mumbai
First you need to realize the fact that Life is not easy, Life is full of challenges. If Life becomes easy , then you have to consider one thing that You are compromising with your life. And when you compromise there is no chance of advancement. My advise to you guys is not to make create any situation further, concentrate in your own work. Play logically, and let him create situation . Remember one thing illogical thing or process will not work in long run. If your Manager is doing any wrong thing with your Team , it will surely catch the eye of Management in the form of Performance of the Team. So don't panic wait for the situation and get ready with all your grievances to deliver at the right time.
Dinesh Kundu
From India, Calcutta
Dear all, thanks for your advice.
During skip level.meeting he was also part of it, still everyone opened up but not that one member. reporting manager is not giving peace in off days too. He threatened us by by mentioning " if you can't send mail to him by mentioning we are incapable".he conveyed he can manage things perfectly without anyone . Black sheep in ourcteam is expecting a promotion, she is playing a game along with him.though we are a strong team in terms of performance, these days it's really affect our performance too.after the meeting he bounced back strongly and whatever agreed in meeting he ignored. Rather than moulding the team he create issues. In team. Everyday morning , evening and some times during nights he send threatening SMS and create trouble.
From India, Ernakulam
Dear HR Learner001,
If your manager was also available in the skip-level meeting then it was not a skip level meeting at all.
You are not giving complete information. What is the nature of your industry? What is your finished product or service? In what department do you work? How about HR? Has this information about harassment has reached HR? If yes, why is he/she silent?
Managers are expected to promote teamwork. Instead of teamwork, why is he is divisive which is opposite of teamwork? Why he feels that he can get the work done without all of you? What are the deliverables of your department? Has he met the expectations or exceeded the expectations?
As stated in the previous post, I recommend you generating material evidence of his harassment. Generate audio clips also. Later all of you come together and put up application to MD along with evidence of harassment. If still nothing happens then it is better to look another job.
Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Thank You Sir for your Advice (Dinesh Divekar)
From India, Ernakulam
Hello All,
I my view the only thing to be done is to change such an organisation as in an organisation where culture is not good it is really difficult to survive and grow. Especially when it comes to manager that is the reason it is said that people do not leave organisation but they leave bosses. Also if you are willing to continue in the same organisation give a thought on changing your team. Moreover I would also suggest as Dinesh Sir suggested please do an introspection before you take a call to do anything as such.
From India, Bangalore
You can discuss as a team and come up with decisions to solve and fix the issue. Make sure that none of them give up.
From India, Bengaluru
It is very difficult to reach on conclusion without hearing other aspect. It is obvious that acceptability of new boss is difficult in a pre-existing team and specially for the person who was expecting to hold the position for that new guy been appointed. Because of frustration he involves to unionize to the team and start contradiction. I am not sure whether the same situation is applicable you or not. My suggestion to you is please keep yourself positive and do not involve in politics that you can't control. Understand the aspect of new boss as well.
please ignore if not found helpful.
From India, Mumbai
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