Dear All,
I am working as a HR in a private company,Kindly give your suggestion on following matter, A fresher joined in our company 3 months before. During his initial stage he was doing good in his work, punctuality and attitude. But for past 1 month he is frequently taking so much of leave and late coming as well as performance also going bad... Meanwhile, his parents are calling to me and my director to get to know whether he has come to the office or not. Our management planned to relieve him after 1 month of notice. kindly assist me to handle such an employee..

From India, Chennai
Dear friend,
If college fresher is becoming disobedient then why you are worrying too much that I did not understand. It appears that the said employee is not career conscious. Be as it may, your organisation may not invest time in driving career consciousness into his head. You run business organisation and not counselling centre. Let me give analogy and say that your job is to cultivate the land and not convert arid land into cultivable land!
If the employee is taking unauthorised leave and also reporting late for his duties then issue him show cause notice. If the explanation is not satisfactory, give him warning letter. If the employee remains intractable, ask him to give his letter of resignation.
As far as telephone calls from his parents are concerned, tell them politely that you run business organisation and not education institution. Therefore, these calls are uncalled for.
Final Comments: - Your post is a reflection of changed social conditions. This is a millennial generation. Within this millennial generation also, those who have grown after 1991 were beneficiaries of economic liberalisation. They are being pampered either by their parents or grandparents. They did not have pressing domestic responsibility. Many of them are born in well-furnished 2 BHK or 3 BHK. In the preceding generation, a sense of responsibility was inculcated right from the childhood. This was not the case in this generation. When they take up job, all of a sudden they become responsible. Few of them are too weak to carry this burden of responsibility. This employee appears to be from this category.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Friend ,
Shri Divekar has guided you correctly ,In HR one has to see interest of Organisation & not of individual .If you fail in your duty Organisation will take action against you only .Regards ,

From India, Mumbai
Thank you so much Mr.Divekar & Mr. Shirke for your guidance.
I have planned to drop a mail to the employee as first warning who is irregular to his work. Kindly correct the content regrading Warning For Irregular Attendance if any.
Sub: Warning For Irregular Attendance

This is to inform you that management has noticed that in last 1/2 months you have taken leaves (full day or short leave) mostly without any prior intimation to the company & it seems a regular practice. If continue the same, we will have to take further disciplinary action, possibly including termination.
In further you may please note that no half day/ full day leave will be given unless you informed the management at least three days before availing any leave.

From India, Chennai
Dear Muthalgi,

If the employee has absented number of times then it merits issue of show cause notice and not warning letter. You should have issued warning letter immediately after 1-2 unauthorised abstentions. Following is the revised draft:


Date: -


Mr _________

Employee No: - ___________

Show Cause Notice on Unauthorised Absence

1. It has been observed that you have absent from your duties __________ times in the last one and half month. Each time it was unauthorised absence. Your uninformed and sudden absence hampers the work of your department.

2. Administration of ______________ (name of your company) has taken serious note of your abstentions as these foster culture of indiscipline. This show cause notice is issued to you to give justification on your absence. You need to give reply in written within 48 hours on receipt of this notice. If your explanation is found satisfactory or if no reply is received, a severe disciplinary action will be initiated against you.

____________ (Name)

____________ (Designation)



Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Legally speaking, if he is on probation, terminate his service by giving one month's notice. If he is a permanent employee then you have to issue charge sheet, conduct a domestic enquiry and then terminate him (which will be costly as well as time consuming).
Or you can just convince him to submit his resignation or even his parents (since you are in talking terms with them). This will be the best solution instead of following legal route.

From India, Kolkata
Dear Friend, All advice are there .Now take action fast to avoid other problems. Regards , Y.R.Shirke
From India, Mumbai

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