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Hi Sir/Madam,

I am Praba completed my B.TECH-IT in Pondicherry with aggregate of 80%. I was searching for job past 6 months.I have childhood stammering problem. So I rejected in interview.
I have good programming skill, written communication skill and logical thinking skill,but company doesn't recruite me.
Please anyone reference me for your company.


From India, Chennai


I'm an avid observer of this community and sometimes seek helps and advice for my career from the distinguished members of this community. But never had the opportunity to contribute something to any of the threads as HR is not my subject.

But I would like to reply to your query as I have the same problem that you are facing since childhood. And since I'm in Sales I've to face more people, give presentations to more people everyday. I have tried out something which helps me to last more than half a decade in this industry and still counting.

Please follow a few steps while having a conversation.

1. Don't think that you have a stammering problem while discussing something with someone, the moment you think about it chances are very high that you will start stammering again.

2. Don't speak very fast, take your time, ensure to breathe in and out while speaking. Stammering happens when we stop breathing while speaking. Remember breathe out is very important to overcome stammering.

3. There must be some alphabets which you find most difficult to pronounce sometimes (For me they are D and T and N). Whenever a word starts with any of these letters during discussions try to be relaxed. One more suggestion please try to replace these words with some other words having same meaning. For example I find it very difficult to pronounce the word "discussion" many a times as the word starts with "D", so I knowingly avoid that word and use "conversation" or may be "talk" instead of "discussion".

Most importantly just relax while having a discussion, go slow on throwing words believe me you will overcome this.

I still face this problem but very rare, however I had suffered a lot for stammering and mostly this is how I somehow managed to overcome some of this.

Hope this will help you a bit.

From India, Kolkata

It is very nice that real time experiences are shared here which will help overcome the problem of stammering not just for those who have this but also can be shared by the community with those who have similar problem.
From India, Mumbai

I would request you to look up my answer given to a similar query ( by a person who has a stammering issue) by clicking on the following link

From India, Mumbai
Pan Singh

Great A Arnab,
Rightly said by somebody "everyone has something special" even in worst condition you can help somebody with your real time experience. You have not only overcome with your problem, but suggesting others as well.
I m more than happy to see, in this professional group, where mostly legal, company policy, discipline, statutory etc topics are discussed. In the same platform people are helping each other for their personal problems as well.
You are not from HR, even after that helping others by your experiences, really good to see.
Dear Prabha,
Life is full of obstacles in many ways, never give up and try to find solutions.
Pls apply the suggestions of Mr. Arnab. Gud lukk..

From India, Delhi

Great ! That's the beauty of this forum.It can bring together people who can enrich each other's knowledge, share their problems/dilemmas etc. and find a solution too.Prabha-I am sure you will be benifitted from Arnab's advice which comes from his own experience.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Prabha,
I have also the same problem like you,by knowing this i opt for M.B.A in hr ( Regular Course ).I struggle in school, College, people make fun of me. But i never lose hope.
I struggle in professional life, but somehow i improve myself. One thing i like to say that Believe in yourself, and always think that i am best and i can do it.
Now i have a working exp.of around 5 years in Hr field.

From India, Delhi
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From India, Bengaluru
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