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Respected Seniors,

I had joined an organization on 10th March, 2010 and worked till 03rd September, 2010. That was my first job and I was fresh graduate having no idea on corporate policies or HR systems. As the event unfolded in front of me I behaved reactively. Coming to the point as I was suffering from Jaundice the doctors asked me to take rest on 02nd September, 2010. I had discussed it with my line manager and he asked me to put down my papers as I wasn't entitled to get a sabbatical. I did put down my papers on 03rd September on a hard copy and my line manager accepted that with his signature and company stamp.

Next day onwards I stopped going to the office. My manager also told me to do so. And trust me I had no ideas about HR policies then, so I believed him. No body from the organization ever contacted me, neither they gave me relieving letter nor they paid me my August Salary ever. My Line Manager advised me to show this acceptance letter to any other organization next time to get a job. And again I believed him. I didn't even pursue the organization for relieving letter or unpaid salary. I was bed ridden for 92 days.

However once I got recovered I started preparing for IAS. Though I couldn't make it to the Mains but the destination was not important but the journey was. And that preparation boosted up my confidence.

I got another job in a Finnish MNC (I was the 1st employee in Kolkata) and eventually I joined them on 02th January, 2012. They were happy with the resignation acceptance copy that I handed over to them and they didn't conduct any background check, they only called up my ex ;ine manager who gave very good feedback about me. Since then I have been working here. It's been a long journey and I performed very well. Got two promotions in last 4.5 years. Awarded the best employee in country once and globally ranked 8th in 2013 in my department. Participated in several strategy formulation initiatives successfully.

But now I have landed up even a better job opportunity in another US MNC in a middle management post. And this company wants the reliving letter of my first organization.

The problem is however I still have very good relationship with my ex line manager who moved out of that organization 4 years back I still don't know where do I stand as far as my first organization is concerned. As per the appointment letter there was no buy back opportunity, It states that if somebody resigns the organization during probation he has to serve 7 days notice. And I didn't serve any notice. I just believed my line manager then. So am I an absconded employee to them or a resigned employee or a terminated one? They never contacted, never sent me any letter, no email either.

Recently I tried to contact their HO as all people in the local office including the then HR have moved out of the organization. But no one bothers to talk to me over phone when I called up HO. I couldn't even get the contact details of the HR personnel over there. What happens when this new organization wants to verify the details of my 1st organization. Except that hardcopy of resignation acceptance I have nothing. I don't know what my 1st organization will tell them about me. If they tell them I'm absconded or terminated then I'll land in trouble and even if that happens I have no absconding or termination letter with me.

May be I have written it in a haphazard manner but if some seniors could throw some light on my concerns it would be of great pleasure.

And I'm sorry once again for the mistake that I have done in my 1st job.

Thank you in anticipation and really looking forward to have some guidance from some of the oracles of the industry present in this forum.

Thanks & Regards.

From India, Kolkata

Dear Seniors, Can I have some advice from the experts of this forum on the concerns I raised because this is truly eating me up.
From India, Kolkata
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