Kindly suggest us some employees engagement programs to be implemented in pharmaceuticals manufacturing concern.
From India, Nalagarh
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Ashok,

Engagement is characterised by employees being committed to the organisation, believing in what it stands for and being prepared to go above and beyond what is expected of them to deliver outstanding service to the customer. Employee Engagement (EE) is a more psychological contract than a physical one. It is something the employee has to offer. Engaged employees feel inspired by their work, they are customer focused in their approach, care about the future of their company and build positive relationships with their superiors, peers and juniors.

I do not know under what assumption you have written this post however if you have written this post assuming that some games may help in building employee engagement then let me specify that it will help to develop only a physical engagement and not a mental one. Going further, your managers have a big role to play in building employee engagement. If managers do not inspire their subordinates or are far from motivated if managers disappoint their subordinates then in this shadow of disappointment, can some games build mental affiliation?

Against this backdrop, what you need to do is to prepare a comprehensive Employee Engagement Plan (EEP) that lasts for 1-2 years. At the end of the plan, you should be able to measure the increase in the engagement index. For further discussion, feel free to contact me. I provide consulting services which include conducting surveys for EE also.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Manasa ,

Hi Dinesh , Thanks for the information .I am working as a HR in an IT company in Hyderabad . Can i have a brief information about " Comprehensive Engagement plan "? Thanks Manasa
From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Manasa,
It is difficult to write anything about "Employee Engagement Plan" (EEP). Execution of EEP starts with obtaining buy-in from the management. Secondly, it involves survey questionnaire. You need to have action plan to work on the outcome of the questionnaire.
Have you done Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). Employee engagement (EE) is far more than just employee satisfaction. This is because satisfied employees may not be engaged. However, to begin with at least conduct ESS. This is a matter of consulting. If you wish to hire my services on ESS, you may do so.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

As you mentioned it is a Pharmaceutical company, so probably will have a larger employee strength. Employee engagement is extremely crucial here to keep team bonding intact.
For larger organisations, Outdoor activities are more preferred, like:
1. Treasure Hunt
2. Sports Competitions
3. Fitness sessions
4. Annual Events
5. Social Responsibilities
6. Outbound Training
Read more details: 6 Best Outside Office Employee Engagement Activities | FastCollab | Blog
However, indoor activities can also be tried like:
1. Name the Colleagues
2. Truth and Lies
3. Observe the team
4. Join the pieces
5. Creative Skit
6. Discuss the ideas
More details: 6 Effective Indoor Activities for Employee Engagement | FastCollab | Blog

From India, Hyderabad
Hi. Kindly help me to find some innovative ideas for employee engagement activities in jewellery industry. This should be non monetary. Hope you guyz help me out.
From India, Delhi
Hello Everyone,
I am working for an IT company as an HR. As we know that we have X-mas and New Year just round the corner. I want to know what all activities can be conducted to that employees also get involved and will help in team building.

From India, Indore

Hi Shree
My advice is that before designing the employment engagement activity, you need to plan followings for the successful execution :
a) Budget cost for EE activity
b) No. of particpants you wish to involve or anticipated to be get involved
c) Duration of the event
d) Venue or availability of the space to coduct EE activity
In larger perspective, above four are the basic parameters to design the EE event plan. However, followings are the few suggestions, for Xmas event
1) make team to decorate Xmas tree . Its a good team building exercise
2) put a quiz on Xmas and distribute goodie bags to the winners . This is spontaneous and on the spot event
3) declare dress down day and put completion among employees. Announce Mr. & Ms. tile of your company who meets the parameter of your competition
HR, pune

Shweta Sawale
Hello All ,

Need to know what kinds of employee engagement activities can be done for startup organization in order to make employee feel connected to organization & performance their task well & would improve the over all organization culture at the same time .

Suggestions are Thankful .

From India, Pune

What has prompted this need for activities? Have you noticed problems with employee engagement? If so, you you need to address those problems first, because playing games won't fix it.

No-one wants to work in an organisation where:
1. senior management doesn't care about staff
2. there are too many micromanagers
3. there is bullying of staff by managers and co-workers
4. you don't pay market wages or better for the work required
5. working environment is not conducive to happy productive workers
6. a lack of recognition for a job well done
7. a lack of advancement and promotional opportunities
8. a lack of training and development for all staff to build new skills
9. inflexible leave policies
10. entrenched sexual harassment, racism, religious discrimination and anti LGBTI attitudes

Need I go on?

If you want the staff to be happy, productive and engaged, you need to give them very good reasons why they should be. Playing games, having a lunch etc, won't cut it.

From Australia, Melbourne
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