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Dear Professionals,

After completing 69 successful years in providing Computerized Psychometric Solution in more than 40 countries across the globe. We are in a process to make our test/ platform more friendly as per the requirement of HR Professionals.

We are inviting expert’s opinion, insight and innovative ideas to make Psychometric Testing solution more effective in order to meet different HR requirement e.g. Recruitment, Competency Mapping, Training, Appraisal etc.

Our tool Vienna Test System (VTS) consist of following advantages:

1. Ranking Module (Automated Ranking tools for mass/group testing)
2. Online / Offline Testing Model
3. Quick and Automatic Report
4. Customization of test dimensions as per the requirement
5. Test available in 30 languages including Hindi
6. Special Test Set for different Job Role (Sales Professionals, Call Center Executives and many more)
7. Reliable and validated test backed by strong R&D team
8. Online version of renowned psychometrics tests e.g. Big Five Structure Inventory (BFSI), Eyesenck Personality Profiler 6 ( EPP6) and STROOP Test etc.

Kindly share your valuable comment on this forum

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

I am writing about Engineers. In the course of my training programmes I found that Engineers have poor analytical abilities. In fact it is the analytical ability that separates engineer from non-engineer. Nevertheless, while doing numerical examples, I found my participants, across the spectrum of industries expecting me to do the spoon-feeding. This feedback is from other trainers also who conduct technical training. We the trainers, in the zeal to satisfy their customers, end up in ladle feeding. If this is not sufficient, then possibly in future we will end in spade feeding!
Can a psychometric test detect analytical abilities?
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Hi Dinesh,
Thanks for sharing your views, we do understand the kind of issue you are facing during your training sessions with engineers and vital role of analytical abilities for engineers.
However psychometric test can detect analytical abilities of engineers or any individual.
We do have some psychometric test which can judge the candidate on following dimensions:
Verbal Ability, Numeric Ability, Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking: Verbal Reasoning, Argument Analysis, Thinking As Hypothesis Testing, Likelihood, Uncertainty, Decision Making and Problem Solving.
If you wish to have more details, I will mail that to you.
Deepak Kumar
Asst. Manager , PCTI Group
Phone: +91-11-40123300, ext. <411>
Mobile: +91 -8527594011
Web: /

From India, Delhi

Hello Deepak Kumar,
Further to the ground-level realities as mentioned by Dinesh Divekar, does VTS test for an individual's Commitment to the job [meaning stability] & the integrity aspects of his/her psyche?
Without getting into the terminology/nomenclature like BFSI, EPP, etc, I get differing feedback [often 180 deg variance] from different vendors whether such human traits can be evaluated using Psychometric it during the hiring process or @ any other phase of HR processes of an employee.

From India, Hyderabad
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