Hi Friends,
I am working as HR with an IT company. We have 5 days working in a week, with 1 leave per month.
Now, Problem is most of employees ask for leaves on Friday with short leave on Thursday. This lead to 3.25 days continues off out of 7 days of the week. Sometime even more when employee ask for 2 leaves adjacent to weekend, or take leave in between public holiday and weekend.
This effects their assignments and project deliverables.
As, its not sandwich leave, so we cannot deduct weekend in this case.
My company is asking me to make some leave policy for this. I have already drafted a general Leave policy in my company, but I am not sure how to overcome this issue.
Can you please suggest me something? What can be done, to restrict such long leaves.
Thanks in advance!

From India, Mohali
Hi Buddy,
While framing your leave policy state that employees have to apply three or four days in advance for taking leave hence it will helpful for managers to allocate leave according to genuineness and plan accordingly in advance.
With Regards
Mr.Thumbs Up

From India, Chennai
Leave is not a matter of right except in case of sickness. Most of the leave rules says leave is required to be sanctioned prior to proceeding on leave. Sanctioning authority has to manage along with HR team in this regard. Please apply rules in true sense rather than getting the same misinterpreted.

From India, Chandigarh
In leave policy you may have to add the certain points
Number of days to apply for leave & get the approval
Name of the approval authority
What is the penalty for availing leave with out the prior approvals
maximum number of leaves in a stretch
ETC. If looking for any draft you may please reach me

From India, Bangalore
@Kumaran Praveen and @Anand Anil, Thanks for your response.
Yes, We have this policy of applying leave 3 days in advance.
but problem is employee started applying leave adjacent to almost every 2nd weekend or adjacent to every public holiday.
Usual reason for leaves are family trip, urgent work, health issue of someone in family, or something really urgent or tough to question/argue.
Yes, 1 sick leave per quarter is there.
It raises chances of increase negativity, if we start rejecting leave when employee give reason of urgent piece of work at family.
We feel instead some policy may help, which can restrict them form applying leave for long weekends so frequently. Once in a month is ok.

From India, Mohali
Dear Meenakshi,

My suggestion is to start with some basic HRMS software which takes care of your leave.

Put some simple rules like : for leaves more than 2 days apply at least 10 days ago. , or for more than 4 days at least a month ago. Give a clear cut message that it is not mandatory for management to approve your leaves it is on their own discretion looking after the work schedule and total no of people not on duty during the period.

Online HRMS software actually will show any employee his current leave status and balance which is always horrifying to see unless not known. Secondly make the approval cycle bit lengthy and inform employee abut it. Do not accept last minutes requests .Start rejecting leaves on regular basis of habitual leave goers. Do not allow short leaves if next day employee is on leave.

Don't worry people either understand by words or by stick. Thumb rule is every employee has to follow company guidelines. I have never heard employee resigning from job because of leave getting rejected.

Take bold steps

From India, Delhi
Hi Buddy,
Making leave policy so rigid will affect the employees who are genuine too hence you have to find a middle point. Therefore my suggestion is put a general notice & send mail to all employees by conveying how taking leave adjacent to holidays & weekend affecting the project and work surely it makes employees to think and we can see some changes.
With Regards
Mr.Thumbs Up

From India, Chennai
@Excelencia, thanks for your response.
This is one of the toughest job to find out genuine or not.
It takes, so much time of hr department to analyze each employee leave history then having discussion with them regarding applied leaves. Above all then employee start comparing that other employees leave is approved but not mine.
I am summarizing some points from your suggestions:
1) Number of long leaves at a stretch. [maximum number of leaves in a stretch]
2) Long leave should be approved at-least 15 days in advance. [for leaves more than 2 days apply at least 10 days ago. , or for more than 4 days at least a month ago. ]
3) No short leave adjacent to any leave or holiday [Do not allow short leaves if next day employee is on leave.]
4) Leave approval process must be very strict. [ Do not accept last minutes requests]
These points looks workable.
"Start rejecting leaves on regular basis of habitual leave goers.", this is a bit tough to implement. Same because, of their "URGENT FAMILY" work always.
If we want to make strict rules for unapproved leaves (specially adjacent to weekends), what can be those ?
Thanks & Best Regards,

From India, Mohali
Hi. Even after making as policy it is better to have counselling with the employees and educate the employees and explain the implications how will it affect employee as well as the employer.
From India, Bangalore
Dear Meenakshi

It appears that leave issue is some where in handling employees. You need to train employees on leave policy. Starting from objective of leave policy and then how one can take leave. How many leaves one can take at a stretch. Type of leaves which can be and cannot be combined with holidays or weekly off. Importance of leave and its proper utilisation by employee. Role of boss in leave sanction and role of peer in case of ones absence.

Impact of planned and frequent leave utilisation on achieving company as well as company goals / targets. It needs involvement of employee with a sense of responsibility.

To begin with you can issues a circular notifying that from one section or one area how many maximum persons can take leave in a weak/ fortnight / month. Employees who have availed leave once in a month will not be sanctioned till next. Swapping of leave should be allowed so that employees can communicate with each other and should not feel frustrated due to these restriction .You need to take senior management in confidence because this circular with is mainly for restricting leave usage. Besides above the proper training on leave management will help you to establish proper leave system.

Thing will work only if you communicate with masses else they will communicate among themselves and you will be left out be a part of them and resolve the issue.


From India, Chandigarh

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