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Dear Experts, How to handling office politics and how maintain with them have a interpersonal skills. ? Regards. , Suresh
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Office politics is something that bugs most of us and we must certainly find a way out.
The query raised by you has been discussed many times in this forum in the past
Please try Cite HR archives.
Type “OFFICE POLITICS.” inside the box ‘Search Cite Co’
that you find in the title bar right above.
After typing in the box, press the 'research' button next to it.
You will get lot of information.
You can also specifically try the one by Mr Ganesh Ramachandran (LIME GANESH)
It is very good , Many of us also contributed to this thread that dates about four years back.

From India

You may read my earlier post on the same topic:

From India, Delhi

So long as mankind (or humankind !) is there, there will be issues arising out of various happenings around us. It is unavoidable. However, as a HR person, one can try to reduce such politiics by clearly advising people to be more productive and divert their efforts towards organisation's goal. They require regular pep-talks. There are lot of videos and posters available in internet and you can display posters at strategic locations like canteens, cafetaria, locker rooms. Like people forwarding jokes etc in social platforms without event practising one sentence of what they come across, there are compulsive talkers in any organisation who is keen on overhearing conversations, add masala to it and pass it on to somebody else - clear case of rumour-mongering. Such people can be very easily isolated and counselled on the ill-effects of such activities. They are detrimental to organisation's growth and productivity. If they are good at work otherwise, counsel them or if they are bad at work as well, show them the door, indicating that you are more interested in business productivity.

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Human beings are born politicians.
Try as much as you want,but the politician in us cannot be removed.
But one way to maintain harmonious relationship is to be open hearted in behaviour,job oriented and to shun gossip.
Be neutral in your dealings with people and stick to ensuring that office work gets the priority it deserves.

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As the seniors advised, you can get enough material in citehr discussions as well as on internet You have not spelt out the specific nature of politics played in the office.If you need to handle it as HR,You need to separate bad apples.You need to identify the key players and keep them either busy thoroughly with work as not to have time for politics or shift them to different departments/sections so that distance may make them less active and then engage them through activities that bring about change in their attitude (if it can) and motivate them to focus on work.The strategy is if you cannot eliminate a stain on the fabric, dilute it so that it looks less bold and more pale. If you are an employee, you need to exercise tact in dealing with them.Do not antagonize them and at the same time do not associate with them in politics.Communicate with them as they are your colleagues but do not confide in them.Respond to them with tact but not react.Do not air opinions to them about colleagues or bosses. Be good at your work as it works as protective shield to neutralise the effects of politics if the are affecting you.Develop ability to laugh at the politics.


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