Anusha 91
Hello All, I joined this company X in June 2014 & had training in another city for around 1 month & was provided with money for expenditure & was provided with accommodation as well. Upon returning I had to abscond and leave due to better offer. Company is claiming that I pay for the expenses as well as not serving notice period. Kindly let me know if they can legally do so & if I would be I trouble ?
From India, Chennai
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Anusha 91
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Yes. The company is very much entitled to recover from you the cost of training and the notice period. They can and should take legal action against you if you fail to pay the same.
And I certainly hope the company does that

From India, Mumbai
Ed Llarena, Jr.

The notice period is generally payable by the employee if not observed as per labor law and/ or employment contract.
Expenses paid by the company may not be recovered if there is no categorical policy and contract signed by the employee prior to attendance to the training, which specifically states the conditions of the training bond and reimbursement procedures.
Indeed, companies would do well to protect itself from opportunists by asking employees to sign a training bond agreement/ contract prior to sending them to training programs whose cost is substantial.
Best regards.
Ed Llarena, Jr.
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From Philippines, Parañaque
It depends on the employment contract you have with the company. You have a fundamental right to choose your employer. Legal options can be evaluated after seeing the contract.
From Japan

Hello Anusha,

You won't like this.

Your line 'I had to abscond and leave due to better offer' is a giveaway of the way you handle your career & core values.

What do mean 'I had to abscond'? Did anyone PUSH you into it? It was YOUR choice....right?

Tomorrow, when you get another better offer, there's no guarantee that you wouldn't hesitate to do a repeat act.

Companies now-a-days focus more on the attitude & integrity of individuals, especially under adverse situations. They would be OK to compromise 'a bit' on the skills but NOT on the ethical aspects.

Coming to your query 'let me know if they can legally do so', Saswata Banerjee has already answered you.

However, pl also note that ANYTHING can be contested in Indian often haven't you seen the most frivolous issues/charges been taken to courts?

Your worry OUGHT to be WHETHER you can handle IF the Company takes you to court. Firstly your time, then your money for advocate, and possibly IF this leaks to your next employer(s), the possible consequences thereof for that job.

And in this case, the Company gave you Training....which they can easily prove, IF it goes legal.

You haven't mentioned whether any Bond was in-place.....and even if it wasn't, advocates can easily handle this particular situation.

Any Bond that's linked to Training is enforceable legally.

Suggest clear off the monetary dues here & come-out clean to avoid any future complications in your career.

But again, you ALWAYS have a choice. It's up to the individual.



From India, Hyderabad

I wonder where ETHICS has gone these days!!!
Kindly give more information about the contract of employment that you have signed. Also, think about whether the company would be right in sacking an employee if they find a better candidate soon after hiring him/her

From United Kingdom

Ms. Anusha,
At first, I treat your story merely a fabricated one. However, if it is true, being a banker, you would definitely have lander in to jail by now for embexzzlement of their money on report to police by your bank. But still, you have created a very fine example, how an employee should destroy his career forever.

From India, Delhi

Sometimes when I see such queries posted by disparate individuals, I can not help but feel that morals and ethics have gone for a toss. Value based education at all levels, parents, schools, neighbors is the requirement of the day. Otherwise social fabric which is on the decay today will get entirely corrupted in next few years. I am happy that quite a few experts here do not like the very nature of this query.
A S Bhat

From India, Pune

Hello AS Bhat,
Vis-a-vis your line 'happy that quite a few experts here do not like the very nature of this query', all we can do is 'suggest/advise'.
@ the EoD, 'free choice/will' takes over it's up to the individual concerned to make his/her choice.........
Like Krishna, after giving the Knowledge Transfer of 18 chapters of the Bhagavata Gita to Arjuna, pointedly says: "Now it's upto YOU to decide whether to fight or not. The Kauravas are as good as dead as far as I am concerned, whether you fight or not".
But the problem here is NOT the lack of knowledge in cases like these.
It's that such very people FAIL to realize that it's THEY who have to face the consequences of their actions....... That's when the 'cock comes home to roost' & then invariably, everyone will be blamed EXCEPT himself/herself.
Like the Bible mentions 'As you Sow, so you Reap'.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear PS, There is no banker here, nor embezzlement. I think you posted to the wrong thread. You meant the other discussion about the bank guy who gave his password for fraud ....
From India, Mumbai
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