\During my 2 years of tenure with xxxxx Pvt Ltd, I realised this soon that the HR Department is not very knowledgeable, However, when I saw the newly hired HR Manager, that was shocking. Forget professionalism, she doesn't even know how to dress.

Well, I'm not here to discuss her.

My issue is- I resigned from the organisation asking for letting me leave in 45 days (instead of 90 days, notice period) and I was ready to pay the appropriate amount (as a notice period buy out.) This 'resignation email' was accepted by my Manager and he 'responded' mentioning my last day after 45 days of notice.

So, Everything was well and good, until the HR manager intervened and asked me to serve full 90 days notice period.

Since, after the acceptance of my Manager, I moved ahead with the joining date and other formalities with my new organisation and everything was setup, I was not in a position to postpone my last working day in xxxx. I tried scheduling meeting with the HR etc to discuss this, however they were least bothered about it and avoided me.

Now, after the completion of 45 days (50 days to be exact) I sent my 'GoodBye Email' and submitted all the assets back to the Organisation (Laptop, Blackberry Phone, Airtel Dongle, headphones etc) and also, took confirmation on an email.

Now, Its been 2 months, since I left the company, and they are not ready to pay my 'FnF' and 'Relieving letter.'

I wrote them email, however, they consider this as an absconding case. So, now I plan to send a Legal Notice (f which I have already warned the HR.)

Please suggest, what else I can do to get my money and documents back asap, with an apology from HR for Mental harassment.

From India, Gurgaon
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YouDeserve - I think rather than 'forcing' the issue, I recommend meeting with them and explaining your POV on the completion of the F&F formalities. Most issues similar to yours arise out of lack of communication and a build up of anger which is detrimental to closing out this issue.
From India, Mumbai


What does your manager say about your new HR manager's stand?

Obviously he ought to intervene with higher-ups.

When an earlier decision is changed/reversed......whether by the HR manager or anyone else.......there have to be strong grounds. That you moved ahead with the joining date and other formalities with your new organisation is only incidental from this perspective.

Have you escalated this issue with your MD/CEO?

Or if you can't do it directly now, suggest mail to him with cc:s to your erstwhile manager & the HR manager.

You can't lose anything now.....just escalate the issue with the Top management rather than going the legal path.

Any chances of a resolution thru the management would disappear once you go legal......are you ready for it?

Let the legal path be the LAST resort. That's when you will have an upper hand......the obvious query by the court would be 'have you exhausted all remedies with the management?' & you need to have solid proofs of having done this.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad

And a few more points for you to keep in mind.
From now-on, for every verbal interaction with the management, begin to create written records [mail your interaction to verify that everyone is on the same page.....and this automatically becomes a written record for later use].
And suggest begin to involve an advocate from now in WHATEVER you do with this need to build-up the legal ground IF you have to go legal later.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
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