There will be some time an employee becomes bored at work. What will you do to support them in that cases?
From Vietnam, Hanoi
See if job rotation or job enrichment is possible. Arrange some fun-filled activities. Lunch with the CEO. Show them some interesting documentaries or movies. Involve them in some CSR activities.
From India, Delhi
Do not immediately jump into doing something in the hope that drives his boredom.Probably that might not be why he is actually feeling bored.. If a baby is crying because he is hungry, you need to give him baby food and there is no point dangling an expensive toy before him to calm him down.Therefore you need to sit with the employee and hold constructive conversation with him to understand as to why he feels disengaged.- whether it is the monotony of job or or is it lack of motivation or bad boss or disruptions in the team or lack of recognition of his contributions etc. Diagnosis of malady shall be necessary to decide on specific redressal or action to engage him.
HR & Labour Law Consultant

From India, Mumbai

""Diagnosis of malady shall be necessary to decide on specific redressal or action to engage him.""
Reason for boredom should be found out by interaction with employees.
Working on an assumptions could lead to wrong solutions.
Interact with employees at work spot and canteens,observe them at work and then come to a conclusion.
Then look for a feasible solution.

From India, Pune
Even though you are based in Vietnam, I guess human nature is the same everywhere.
Further to what B.Saikumar & Nathrao mentioned/suggested, are you sure they HAVE sufficient work to do to cover the full working day time?
Prima-facie, the employees surely DON'T 'enjoy' what they are doing....else 'getting bored' doesn't arise. 'Tired/fatigued' Yes, but not bored.

From India, Hyderabad
Thanks a lot for all of your support. I see some actions my staff have some signs like in 15 Signs Your Employee Wants To Quit but he is an quiet person, I can't identify exactly what is happening to him to take more actions.
From Vietnam, Hanoi
Dear Seniors,
I am also facing the same issue in my office. I analysed the situation and talked to some of the employees, the main reason behind their boredom is limited work or no work in office. There is not much support from the Director also as most of the time he is not available to discuss the issues. As an HR, is organizing only fun or employee engagement activities the only solution to this? Please suggest.

From India, Gurgaon
Employee Getting Bored ?
Possibilities of such nature on work site is found with some employees who either are high performers who finish their job before timeline.Or Employees who are not self motivated or initiative takers.
Analysis of both the conditions is necessary to work towards finding and appropriate solutions.
However it is always better to ensure that employees are brought in to the main stream of the business to understand their role and their very requirement to the organisation.Apart from engagement activities, encouraging employees to contribute with their creative ideas and concepts about the development of the business with award and rewards connected to it will keep their mind occupied.

From India, Vadodara
Dear Professional colleagues,
Can some body share the details of enhancement of Revised DA for Hotel Industries in Uttrakhand with effect from October 2015.
Advance thanks in anticipation of Positive response.
Arvind Kathait

From India, Udaipur
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From India, Bangalore

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