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I am about to appear for a deputy manager/manager - training role . I have 6 years of training experience however most of the times it has been individual contributor role where I have managed new hired training. Currently am a AM-Training once again individual contributor from training standpoint and also manage end to end service delivery for a team of 18 agents in a sales driven BPO process. Need help in focus areas to be able to crack the interview
From India,
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Preetam,

If selected for the post of AM (Training), your major activity would be:

a) Creating a standardised sales process. Given a particular sales call, there has to be uniformity in handling the sales call by all the 18 sales agents

b) Identifying competencies required to implement sales process

c) Monitor compliance of the sales process, find out gaps and re-train the staff

d) Create knowledge assets for future use on why customers bought the product/service or why they did not buy

Recently, I had given my reply on identifying competencies for the salespersons. You may click the following link to refer that reply:

Though the reply may not be related to your industry per se, the essence of the reply would be useful.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
First of all congratulations, and all the best.

I'd like to ask you one question, what is the area your would be organization deals with? If this is answered, it would be easy for me to be a better help for your purpose.

However here are a few points that might be of your help -

1. For roles like this organization looks at your management skills like - People, Process, Stakeholder
2. Good communication, coz at this level you are supposed to have more exposure with clients
3. Good feedback and mentoring skills
4. Ability to design KRA - KPI, driving KPI Metrics, Feedback on KPI and appraisal process
5. Decent presentation skills
6. Ability to prepare and understand reports

That's it, where you might need brush up, rest everything, by now, from a training perspective must run in your veins with blood. Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to sustain as a trainer, Lead Trainer, AM - training respectively over a period of 6 years.

Any queries, would be happy to answer.

All of the other members of the forum: If, I've missed anything or any of my quotes needs correction or addition please go ahead... :)


From India, Ahmedabad
Dinesh Divekar


The important thing that you missed out was reduction of business costs through training. Employee training is only a medium and not an end in itself. End result should be reduction of some cost that organisation incurs in the course of its operations. If not cost then be clear which ratio you would like to increase or decrease.

In my previous reply, I did not include this point because BPO is a service industry and most of the BPOs are private limited companies. Against this backdrop, very little financial information is available. In contrast, counterparts in the manufacturing sector have little advantage because the pattern in procurement spend spills the beans. Reduction in procurement spend is a major target for the training managers who work in manufacturing sector (provided they consider it as important).

I have given exhaustive reply on the subject of training. You and Preetam may click the following link to go through it:

In the above link, you will find further links and sub-links and so on. Go through all the links and it will augment your understanding of the subject of training.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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