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I am working for a reputed hospital. I am looking out for designing Psychometric tests for our employees measuring the following aspects -->
1) Team building, 2) Handling stress, 3) Potential for growth, 4) Emotional intelligence(EQ) - (Using one's emotions in a constructive way in the work environment, 5) Physical & mental stamina, 6) Time management & Discipline
I need suggestions on which existing Test/s can I use to measure the above or how can I go about designing a new test?
I would require the actual test pattern, its scoring key, and its interpretation. Anyone who has handled a similar assignment, Please provide me assistance.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Aditi,

Psychometric tests are well-designed by some company. We use these for various purposes. If you are taking onus of designing these test on yourself then do you have requisite qualification to do that? Designing psychometric test requires immense research. Do you have the research plan? By chance if the design of the tests itself is faulty then the output that test gives will also be faulty and it will have bearing on the quality of your recruitment as well.

You may use the existing tests available in the market but then it will be costly to test each candidate. Do you have that kind of recruitment budget?

Of the five parameters that you have given, I find overlap. If the candidate is good EQ then obviously he will be good team player or team builder. He also will be also able to handle stress and he will have mental stamina too. Therefore, why test the candidate on separate parameter?

For what level would you like to conduct these tests? At lower level will they understand the questions or statements of test? I ask this question because once I trained staff of very prominent multi-speciality and super-speciality hospital of Bangalore. Their command over English was average. Barely they were able to communicate with the patients. However, administering psychometric test would have been too much for them.

By the way, what score do you wish the candidate to attain in each parameter? To get a candidate who can score more than 70% on each parameter would be a herculean task. Are you prepared to let go the candidate for the sake of low score in 1-2 parameters?

For the recruitment purposes, there is a time tested method of "Behavioural Interviewing". Have you trained your Managers and HODs on behavioural interviewing skills? What is your observation if this interviewing method is used? I ask this question because if you train the persons involved in the recruitment in behavioural interviewing, then your quality of recruitment will get a big fillip. I conduct the training on this module. Click on the hyperlink to know the details.


Dinesh Divekar


From India, Bangalore

Hello Aditi,

Like Dinesh mentioned, designing Psychometric Tests is a FULL-TIME job--needing teams/hordes of Psychologists of different streams like Clinical, Organizational, Criminal, etc to cover a single Test score from multiple & all possible psychological scenarios--& there are Companies that exclusively focus on PsyTests alone.

Thomas Profiling & AtmanCo [contact: Sawalha, Leen []] are 2 such Companies with which I have had some interaction/experience.

I would suggest you to focus on your CORE AREAS & utilize the help of Specialists in other areas which are bound to be off-track for your function.

@ Dinesh--

Costs can be handled when the deal is stuck for bulk usage. But most often, Organizations have mandatory PsyTests for only senior-level and/or critical positions......NOT across the board for all positions.

There were days when most such PsyTests were based on IQ--Intelligent Quotient........but they have been discarded since decades due the introduction of, what you mentioned, EQ--Emotional Quotient--as a more accurate indication of human psychology.

Now the most accurate indicator is found to be SQ--Spiritual Quotient [more like what Indian Philosophy taught & practiced since eons]. But not sure IF there are any PsyTests based on SQ.

However, your lines reg the Scores vis-a-vis different Parameters are a bit misleading.

Pl note that there are NO Ratings that are Right OR Wrong. Even IF someone got 70% DOESN'T mean he/she is great.

To give an example, a recent case we handled was for a senior IT person whose scores showed that he was a task who takes responsibility AND expects the needed authority. We were asked to evaluate him--in a nutshell, he would be the RIGHT FIT for an environment where the existing work culture is more lackadaisical & needs some straightening-out [but the Company needs to be ready for initial fireworks due to initial resistance] but would be the WRONG FIT in such an environment IF there's no Company Management backing. Hope you get the point.

Reg the English example of the Hospital you quoted, I don't think PsyTests are meant for such situations. The English knowledge or the lack of it and similar ones are SKILLS and don't really fall under the ambit of PsyTests, which are used to gauge the Mental, Emotional & Psychological frames of the individual.



From India, Hyderabad
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