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Dear Sir,
How is it possible for the company to retain our new employees for longer duration.We are facing a problem.Few of the employees , who joined 2-3 months back have left the company without following the notice period , mentioned in the Appointment letter.They just send a mail, after receiving the salary of last month, and are not coming to the office.
Is there any legal step possible to be taken? Signing on a bond paper is legal or illegal!
Please reply.

From India, Delhi
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Satpreet Kaur
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Dear Ranjan,
You have not given enough detail about the scenario to give you precise advice. We need to know how large the organisation is, what is the level of the staff that you are concerned about, etc. Please also see the posts at .

From United Kingdom

Hi Ranjan,
Situation of employees leaving after a year of service is not abnormal, but if they leave within few months, then it gives other negative signals. Employees leaving shortly raise a few queries and your Company has to do some introspection.
Some sample questions could be as under.
1.0 There is a popular saying; “People do not leave a Company or Organization but they leave their bosses”.
Is it true in your Company?
2.0 What about working conditions in your Company?
3.0 What about the wages paid in your Company as compared to other similar Companies?
4.0 Does your Company pay wages in time?
5.0 Do you ask your employees to work for longer hours without monetary compensation?
You can create your own questionnaire and get the answers.

From India
Satpreet Kaur

Hi Ranjan,
The reason of leaving is very critical to understand:
1. Monetary gains- You may tell them about the benefits and growth your company's is offering to them in terms of role and add-on increments, which would help them in evaluating opportunities better.
2. Job Dissatisfaction- You'll have to dig deep in this case. Is it because of role ambiguity, relation with superiors, organisational culture or work environment? This may be an early warning for you.
Please elaborate the situation so that we can help you better.
Satpreet Kaur

From India

Hello Ranjan,

Further to what other members have mentioned/suggested, I find your last line a bit amusing--'Is there any legal step possible to be taken? Signing on a bond paper is legal or illegal!'.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that Bond is legal in India [which it isn't, UNLESS it's related/linked to some specialized Training].

Now what? You get the employees sign Bonds and ensure they stay [pl note that there will always be those who will find ways to beat this Rule too, which CAN include dragging the Company to Court] for 12 months or any other period.

But as HR [which I presume you are], is your job done IF they stay for a period of time OR is it done IF they are productive during their stay in the Company? The choice is YOUR'S.

And how does Productivity come about....surely not by getting Bonds signed. Suggest focus, like Nathrao & others have mentioned, on making this an interesting place to work @. Pl note that there are ways to balance low salaries too, IF this has been a stumbling issue [as it is in most small Companies].

Right now, you aren't even sure of the reason(s) for this situation [all you mentioned is that this situation exists....which frankly is surely an important step--that of recognizing that there's an issue] and you seem to be looking for solution(s).

Put your efforts in FIRST identifying the root cause(s) & THEN think of the most apt solutions. Actionable solutions are bound to come once you get to know the causes.

And the BEST people who can give you accurate & realistic insights into the causes would be those who have left OR are leaving--BUT....and this is a BIG have to be seen to be transparent & fair when you are enquiring from them. The moment they 'feel' you are 'using' them, you know what they tell you.

In a nutshell, so far you have been viewing such employees as a 'part of the problem'. Now begin to view them as 'part of the solution'.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
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