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Luv Barman
Hi Team ,

I would like to get some expert advice how should I proceed in my case. I joined wipro in 2008 and still working I was promoted as an ASG in Wipro bpo after an year of calling.I am working in the Orginisation as an Asg till now.

This all started when I saw some Non Compliance in Wipro Bpo for not following policies and I raised an Ombuds in 2009. On basic of that the Manager of Hp Kv was removed and Tec Lead was removed. But raising the escalation I came in the Bad books of the company.

Time passed by and management alawsys use to ill treat me which cannot be Quantified.

I raised my second escalation as an Ombuds for Industrial Injury Leave and the same was adressed correctly and process for IIL was changed and again I came in lime light as a wistle blower.

In the month of October I found some severe Non Compliance on Floor and since I never wanted to disclose my name I send a email to my Avp stating the full issue and raised an Ombuds. Management tried their level best to save there Managers but all were involved
Parties Involved were Agents > Asg > Team Leader > Tec Lead > Manager
Now management did not knew that Ombuds was raised hence they Quickly threw some Agents and a Asg and they asked the Team Leader to put down her papers as well. She raised an Ombuds as well and fought for 6 months and this case went to Wipro Legal Cell and after they interviened they found that Tec Lead and Manager was at fault and Team Leader was innocent. I also helped the Ombuds team in the full investigation as I knew what exactly happened. This was the second instance on which a Manager was removed on my Escalation.

After this i found an agent Selling his own software on calls he was taking for our process. I investigated and send a proper mail to the Management and both the agents were terminated on integrity.
This time again it was me.

From Oct 14 to Till date I found 4 major instances where my floor was doing Non Compliance and I started sharing the data with Legal and Compliance Team and I use to send a email from Outside domain to the full floor with data.

The issue that cropped was I was right on the part that I was asking my process not to do Non Compliance but on the contrary I was becoming a pain cause for 6 months floor was not able to do Non Compliance and Floor Target was not met.

Then I got a client escalation for a girls in my team and this was a golden opportunity for our management to chuk me out. An SIR was raised on me and a internal audit happened in which they concluded that both of us has to put down the papers.In the escalation the girl was not able to proove any thing but this was the only chance for wipro to get rid of me.

When I spoke to Wipro Legal Cell they have send me a email stating that I will not be a part of any Retribution or Retaliation. I have send them a email to re invrstigate the case as I was appherensive that Wipro will throw me out.

What My question is incase Wipro ask me to put down my paper after investigation can I file a Case for Harrasment , Retaliation and Retribution.
As i was a person who was responsable for so many Esclation where Wipro had to take action against there managers hence they have framed me and Chucked me Out.

I am still in Wipro Bpo please Suggest how to proceed considering the fact Wipro tells me to put down my papers

From India, Kolkata
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Insolvency N Gst Professional

Dinesh Divekar

Dear Luv Barman,

It appears that Wipro BPO has employees who are crooked as a dog's hind leg. Though their percentage may be miniscule, it is sufficient to generate scams and scandals.

You have unearthed so many malpractices in the company. But then there is difference. When some journalist makes a exposÚ, he/she is out of system. Though there are some hazards to his/her life, the exposÚ does not impact his/her career. In contrast, you are part of the system. Now what you are facing is system's backlash. A path of honesty is always fraught with risk. If you live in the river you should make friends with the crocodile says the famous proverb.

The predicament in which you are in is not new. Famous IAS Officer Ashok Khemka brought to fore the land deals of first political family of prominent political party in the the state of Haryana. He invited wrath of the authorities. After the recently held state elections, the government of new political party came in but his ordeal continued. He has been transferred 45th time in his 23-year career.

A person who brings to fore the scams should have been transferred to vigilance department or intelligence department. Far from doing so, your company's authorities are insisting you on putting the papers. However, at this stage, you need to do some covert activities as well. Whenever authorities insist on putting down papers, resist the pressure but at the same time try recording their voice. You need to have some evidence at hand.

Involving you in sexual harassment case is not new. To get rid of unwanted persons, this is the oldest method. If it was tried on Lord Gautam Buddha then where we, the ordinary mortals stand? You could have been little more careful.

Are you prepared for the litigation? Talk to some lawyer and find out whether court can issue the injunction order to stay your termination. check whether lawyer can find out flaws in the enquiry. Check whether you can file defamation suit against the woman employee.

Whatever is happening with you is unfortunate. It should not have happened. But then corruption is like octopus. When you try to fight one tentacle, another one attacks you. We do not have power to fight with all the tentacles at a time.

The another problems is that your company is too big. Employees are small fish in a sea. They are faceless. In contrast, there are benefits of working in owner driven company. Owners have their whims and fancies but commonality amongst them is that they value honest employees. Possibly you would have been rewarded for your honesty.

I wish you all the best wish you to come clean. Hope this challenge blows over soon.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Luv Barman
Thank you so much for the reply
9 months before I understood that one day wipro will throw me out by framing me in threr policies
Hence all these non comp and fraud was send to the managers from a email from and since my emails were genuine avp and wipro legal cell has also replied to the same.
Wipro legal cell had send me a email that if i face any retaliation or retribution they will help so for the time I have send them a email to sort this out.
If they are not able to then i will take a legal action for harrasment mental torchure and will show how they work.

From India, Kolkata

Decline to put down your papers.
On what grounds can they ask you to leave?
You need to contest if this happens.
Put the whole series of events in writing and raise to highest level.
I am sure people like your Honble chairman are honest to the core and if matter reaches him,the response will be different.
You must leave WIPRO after proving your words,actions and with head held high.
Whistleblowers are always disliked and kept out of mainstream so that they cannot harm the system which works contrary to law or laid down policies in quest for more profit.
Sexual harassment complaints will always leave you with an Achilles heel and will haunt you even after you leave present employer.
But if your facts are right,conduct upto mark,dont surrender to motivated actions of few.

From India, Pune
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