my self prakash, how to control juniors of other departments . All departments members having bad attitude about making comments about HR activity .
From India, Pune
My self prakash, in our company , there are 8 departments. Each dept.having HOD. Under each HOD, there are 3/4 members working. Regarding Company rules, discipline when we finalised that time we took meeting with HOD, after HOD finalised, then only we establish that rules [ this is as per management decision ]. After establishing rules, each members need to follow that rules but this not happen. Members [ staff ] doing many wrong activities i.e. making bad comments on HR activity [ regarding canteen, rules, ]. After informing , HOD , HOD also not taking proper actions against them. HOD explain HR that their members are good in work, don't take action otherwise my work will get hampered . HOD having good relation with members. It is very difficult to take action against that staff. Please inform how to take actions, how to solve this matter. It is difficult for HR, to maintain good situation in company. Also top management from other country, ther e is no indian person on top management like GM, to whom HR explain about this. please inform.
From India, Pune


First thing role of HR is not to control other people.

HR is expected to provide the organisation with valuable human resources to meet business needs of the company.

Your role as HR manager is strengthen employer-employee relationship.

Key to success as a HR manager is healthy interaction with all employees.

having said this I add HR has a role in statutory compliances.

For other rules there are laid down legal documents like Standning orders and company policies.

You say company policies where decided in consultation with all HOD from 8 departments,then rules need to be displayed and made known to all employees.

Certain amount of gossip always exists even in best organisations,they need to be ignored.

Go out of your office and interact.

When employees come for any queries etc give them full attention and quick disposal as per law/policy.

Once the workers/employees see an even application of rules,friendly approach,things will get better.

Trouble makers can be monitored and evidence gathered for action in line with policy.

If your higher management is uncooperative then things will be difficult always.

Keep higher management posted with developments on behaviour,late comers,people missing from work spot.They will be able to understand why there is downtrend or lesser quality and when bottom line gets affected,top management will be at your side for corrective actions.

You have to play a balancing role,a watchful role and interactive role so that HOD can see that your department is hands on in its role with employees and functions as a key player in many legal compliances.

Till HODs feel convinced that some employees have to be disciplined,your job is difficult as you cannot unilaterally take actions.

Be patient and persistent in your role,your contribution will be noticed and rewarded.

From India, Pune
Dear Prakash,
Let me thank you at the outset for your second post giving details. Queries such as your post post lack details and our responses will be based on our perceptions of the situation.
NathRao has given you excellent advice. I wonder whether your perception of the role of HR as expressed by you ("How to control juniors of other departments." may have contributed to the situation. Controlling juniors of other departments is the task of the respective HODs.
Nathrao has rightly suggested that you should "Get out of the office and interact". We are not sure whether you do that already or whether you have read about benefits of "Walking around". If you do not know, kindly read and digest material at How Does Human Resources Become Visible in the Workplace? | Business & Entrepreneurship -

From United Kingdom
Sir, once again thanks for your reply. The points you mention , walking around, that already going on. interaction is also there with employees. But shopfloor employees , some junior staff getting wrong direction by their senior staff, HOD. Especially production HOD, always doing wrong things, giving wrong direction. So even though HR interact with employees, production HOD spoil all the things by giving wrong direction ,telling about don't support HR, Forcing for more demands. Problem is when HR want to take action against employees, production HOD get all information about action as HR need to consider him before taking action, he inform to employees about actions. so how to improve situation on shopfloor.
From India, Pune
Nathrao has given very good and practical advice .
Call for a joint meeting with all Hods and share with them how discipline is related with the productivity . Tell them you are trying to help them and you are seeking their support for the same.
Do not take any action in first instance. Talk to them then verbally warn them and then mark an email to them cc with HOD.
Also do not forget to reward good behavior . Come up with programs like anyone coming to office on time daily , anyone not taking any unauthorized leave to be rewarded . Display their names on the notice board . This will help improve discipline.

From India, Mumbai

As NathRao indicated, there will be always some gossip within company about HR. You have to ignore it, as long as it does not affect the decorum of the company.

Sometimes you can restrict these gossips by reminding the office/factory rules. Remember even HOD's come under HR policies, when it comes to company rules. If you can "control" (per say) HOD's then you do not need to control junior employees.

Though the source & reason for the gossip can be at any level (junior staff or HOD or even management)..... You cannot 'control' it.

What you can control is, to take candid feedback from this gossip & work out your strategies and rethink the rules.

Sometimes, the rules (even approved by management) are outright stupid. If you really think so in this case, then you can be a mediator between employee un-satisfaction & management requirements, to suggest more practical rules. This will be a win-win situation, if you can establish this connection.

Other point you have mentioned is about "more demands".... There are always more demands. Since some HOD's cannot ask directly for them due to their position, they use juniors to forward these. To overcome this, delegate the share of responsibility to enforce related policies to the HOD, by increasing their daily involvement. (e.g.: Ask HOD's to take action on defaulter employees, instead of HR gathering this data & taking action). This way, they cannot contradict their own policies, & gossips will reduce / stop reaching you.

Remember, everybody works for the organization in different ways. It is not responsibility of other department technical staff to "care for" the HR rules; but it is responsibility of HR to manage the health of organization with such employees... :-)

Best Regards,

Amod Bobade.

Dear Prakash, Please give more details of the situation; for example, what do you mean by "doing wrong things and giving wrong direction" and "forcing more demands"?
From United Kingdom
Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. As suggested by you that if anyone doing good , need to appreciate, give reward. That things , already their. We are taking monthly meeting in that we are give award for kaizans, best 5's line, best production line with small games . Also yearly annual trip , and who completed more than 3, 5 years , we are given money with certificate as appreciation, monthly birthday celebration. Time to time many things , we are doing. The thing is employee satisfaction , we can't meet [ unlimited ]. They always demanding only, making complaints. As we are entertaining these things as in our company , all work manual, depend upon persons, no automation. Employees taking that benefit. Also if we want to recruit proper person, their demand more, no guarantee , they work long term due to globalisation, many chances of job. If small wrong things happen from management, HR, they will immediate start finding of job, ego problem. In this situation , how to act, can you more information give please.
From India, Pune

The problem is with organisational culture.

How profitable is the company?

Change in these circumstances cannot be achieved merely by activities of HR.

One will need active involvement of top brass and HODs to bring about change in culture.

Changing existing entrenched culture is very difficult,especially if company is doing financially well.

In your place,I would try and start moving out of the office and meeting people as well as HODs.

Try and subtly suggest changes- first in small things and see the effect.

Winning hearts and minds of people is the most important thing you as an HR person can try and achieve.

Keep your activities as HR transparent and approachable.

If you want to make change/introduce change,people must be able to understand why it is needed- the normal answer is this is how things happen here and we are happy with status quo.So your first difficult task is mostly cognitive in nature-make at least some key people sensitivised to need for change.

Highlight threats from competition or market forces which necessitate that organisation has to face and have to change for sake of competition.This aspect could function as tipping point making top brass feel the need to change culture.

A HR manager facing such a situation will need to use both cunning and persuasion to try and induce change.

Every employee will not be the whining and complaining type-try and build channels with such people.

Try to convert mind of the influential HOD in direction of change in culture.

It is a difficult task and will require lot of patience,skill and persuasive skills.

Try your best,you will learn a lot which will be useful in your life as a HR person.

Best of luck.

From India, Pune

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