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Dear Nisha, Please check my reply which is post number 2 in this thread. Thanks, Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Could someone please share a sample form to be filled by the Department head to evaluate the effectiveness of training given to employees?
From India, Pune

Below is a sample form that a Department Head can use to evaluate the effectiveness of training given to employees. This form covers various aspects of the training program and allows the Department Head to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Training Effectiveness Evaluation Form

Department: [Enter Department Name]

Trainer: [Enter Trainer Name]

Training Program: [Enter Training Program Name]

Date of Training: [Enter Date]

Section 1: General Information

Objective of the Training:

Was the objective of the training clearly communicated?
Did the training align with the department's goals and objectives?

Rate the relevance and adequacy of the training content on a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent).
Section 2: Delivery and Presentation

Trainer's Knowledge:

Evaluate the trainer's knowledge and expertise in the subject matter.
Clarity of Presentation:

Rate the clarity and effectiveness of the trainer's presentation on a scale of 1-5.
Suggestions for improvement:
Section 3: Engagement and Participation

Employee Engagement:

Were employees actively engaged in the training?
Participation Level:

Rate the level of participation of employees on a scale of 1-5.
Suggestions for increasing participation:
Section 4: Practical Application

Applicability to Work:

Assess how well the training content can be applied to employees' daily tasks.
Practical Exercises:

Were there practical exercises or activities that facilitated learning?
Suggestions for improving practical application:
Section 5: Post-Training Support

Follow-up Support:

Evaluate the availability and effectiveness of post-training support.
Employee Feedback:

Have employees provided any feedback on the training? If yes, summarize.
Section 6: Overall Rating and Recommendations

Overall Rating:

Rate the overall effectiveness of the training program on a scale of 1-5.
Additional comments:
Recommendations for Improvement:

Provide specific recommendations for enhancing future training sessions.
Department Head's Signature:



From India, Bangalore
Hi Everyone.
Hope this msg fonds you well.
Please help me in understanding of L&D for Pharma company. The company is new to training and development program and want to implement training focus on improved sales and leadership, two segments. I need deep and step by step understanding. Please help out.

From India, Mohali
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