Dear All, My communication is normal. so, how can improve my communication (oral & written)? Thanks.
From India
Hello Gmohanrajhr
Please try Cite HR archives.
Type “Written Communication” inside the box WHAT DO YOU NEED
that you find in the title bar right above.
After typing in the box, press the 'research' button next to it.
You will get lot of information.
You can also refer "Related Information" and 'Download Thread'
that you find in the right side of this message.
Repeat the process for ‘Spoken Language Communication’ or any other topic of your choice.

From India

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Dear Gmohanrajhr,
Below given link is useful for you. Please read it hundred percent especially the post by ACT. Please do not forget to appreciate the post of ACT.

From India, Mumbai

Hope the appended book helps you...
From India, Delhi

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My ideas
1. Oral Communication: Take any topic with lot of content, for example cricket. Narrow it down to a single match. Please have clear idea on what you are going to speak. If you are afraid, write on a piece of paper. Go in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. Speak slowly. All statements should be connected to previous statements. Never care about other's mockery on you regarding this. If get confidence repeat the same with a friend in place of mirror.
If you are introvert, it is natural to be afraid of speaking in front of many people. Just Select one of your friends. Just talk to him for some days. Afterwards talk to two, then three, and so on.
You have make eye contact, while you speak. You can use facial expressions, hand movements.
2. Written communication: Go through old official letters, in your office. If you are not working, you will get lot of them google. You will understand some patterns. Then improve your grammar.

From India, Lucknow

This forum will give you material for improving communication.
Firstly decide in your mind what and with whom you want to communicate.
Purpose and objective of communication is to be decided.
Once you are clear about what and why,then you can assemble facts,suggestions etc to press your communication.
It is a question of practise and prior study of subject matter of communication.

From India, Pune
This is a copyright book. Please post the permission you have from the copyright owner that allows you to post this book on CiteHR.
If you DO NOT have permission, please delete the attachment.
Thank you.

From Australia, Melbourne
dear Manohar, I have gone through all other posts.I cannot agree. I request you to attend a personal training anywhere or call me at 9364292705 Thanks. Babu
From India, Coimbatore
Dear Korgaonkar sir, Thanks for your information. now am using this way. i have confident of i can improve my communication. so, thank you very much sir. Mohan.G
From India
Dear Babu sir, Thanks for your information but why are you told that? communication is a practice method which it will help to improve the communication. Then Is it wrong? Mohan.G
From India

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