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Hi All,
I am currently working on the Training Communication Plan for my organization. I need to develop teasers/Promotional/ awareness emails for the upcoming trainings in 2015.
I need templates for the same, can anyone suggest me templates or sites where I will get the same.

From United States, Seattle
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Training Lead

Dinesh Divekar

Dear Satish,

Teasers or promotional campaigns are used to promote some product or influence the customers to buy the product. If the customers do not buy the product, promotional campaigns help in creating product awareness.

From your post it appears that you would like to put training calendar at par with the product brochure of the marketing department. You would like to treat company's employees as the customers. I have divergent opinion on this.

Employee training is organisation's necessity. This necessity arises from the organisational change to stay competitive. Therefore, attendance of the training programme is also a necessity rather than choice.

If you are firm on creating the organisational change then teasers or promotion of the training programme are not needed. I recommend you being authoritative and make it compulsory for nominated employees or managers to attend the programme. Attending the training programme is a matter of discipline and no choice should be given to the employees. By taking training, employees do not do favour or their organisation.

If company's employees require promotion of the training programme to attend even the training, with what mindset they attend the programme that I leave it to you. How will they be accountable for the ROI on training? Company spends its hard earned revenue on employee development. if employees do not even understand the benefits of the training then it can be concluded that either the fault is with them or the organisation's culture itself. Therefore, primacy should be given to fix either or both.

Every training programme should be conducted to reduce some cost. There are direct and indirect costs associated with each department. Training programmes are conducted to reduce these costs. Have you designed a goal statement for each training to reduce the cost? Goal statement could be "This training programme is conducted to reduce ____ cost from ____ to ____ by _____ (date)". When employees have clarity on the cost reduction through training, the training programme just becomes the medium of change and no teasers or promotional templates are required.

Alike customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction too has well-defined boundary. Where to draw this demarcating line, how to draw and who will draw is a matter of real leadership!

My above thoughts may sound little gratuitous. Nevertheless, the MNC in which I had worked for looked at employee training very seriously. My above thoughts are developed through this seriousness.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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