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Dear All,
If we have given below weakness, how can we reomove it other than sending a person for course :
Analytical Skills
Apply Learning
Build Working Relationships
Conflict Management
Continuous Learning
Creative Thinking
Customer Focus
Decision Making
Developing Others
Drive for results
Emotional Intelligence
Hard Work
Interpersonal Skills
Job Knowledge
Lead Change
Learning Capability
Meet Performance Goals
Planning & Organizing
Results Orientation
Risk Management
Safety Awareness
Seek challenges
Set Clear Goals
Strategic focuses on the big picture
Stress Management
Team Leadership
Time Management
Values and Ethics
Appreciate your suggestion.

From Saudi Arabia
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Soft Skill Trainer
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Najam,

It appears that you have copied list of the training courses from some training company's website and pasted here as weaknesses.

Why do you think these are weaknesses? If these are weaknesses then whose weaknesses are these? On what parameters you have done the measurement?

If you do not wish to nominate the staffs for some training course to remove these "weaknesses", then why not to tell the training department to eradicate these weaknesses from the staffs?

Gentleman, if the removal of weakness or building skills were to be that easy the world would have been far different and simple to live. Mere reading books on particular subject, reading articles on the internet, watching videos on Youtube etc is not sufficient. One needs guide or mentor to correct the leaner. A feedback is absolutely essential. Nobody has developed without feedback.

If your company is living with so many weaknesses amongst the staffs then have you measured the cost of these weaknesses? Please nominate someone at least to a training course on how to calculate losses caused owing to these weaknesses. A realisation of this kind is also more than sufficient.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Dinesh,
This is not a copied list from any website. This list does not mean all these exist in our staff.
In developing the IDP we have placed these in drop down list to select the weaknessess.
Question is now that is Course the only solution to eradicate or anything else can be done.

From Saudi Arabia
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Najam,

Identifying one's weaknesses is not easy. People have false assumption that "they know _____" or "they have experience of _____". If you provide the above list then what if people refuse to accept their weaknesses?

Secondly, even if they accept their weaknesses, what if they wish to live with it? Removal of one's weaknesses requires lot of hard work. How many are ready to put up that?

In your company how many examples you have of senior managers wherein they identified and later worked on their own to remove those weaknesses?

Whose brainchild is this to circulate the list of competencies to the staffs and tell them to identify which competencies they lack? Is it yours or your boss's? Assuming average staffs has ten weaknesses of the above list, how much time will it take to remove all these ten? Has anyone calculated that?

Though your company knows that your staffs lack certain competencies. Lack of competencies could be resulting into under-performance. Even then also they do not have willingness to calculate cost of under-performance. Rather than spending some money in staff training, your organisation wishes to live with their under-performance and save the money on training. Is this not your organisational weakness? First try removing organisational weakness rather than concentrating on the employees.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Najam, Greetings.

Firstly i would like to inform you that these traits are strengths of people. Lack of one or more skills are called weakness.

To "remove" any "weakness" you have to generate strength in the related field.

So firstly, one has to "know" the field, where he/she needs more strength.

Secondly. is he/she ready to change? If, yes, why? What is the motivation for change? Is that motivation strong enough to imbibe a change? In absence of the "analysis" of goal and methods, even if they go for a course, they will fail to "apply learning".

Thirdly, they should start acquiring knowledge in their specific field of change. They may join a course or start self learning. Self learning will need stronger motivation to "continue learning". Also it will pose more difficulties as there is no feedback and no one is there to correct if wrong messages are being learnt. On the other hand learning from incompetent trainers will not bring the desired result. Their "decision" to start where and how will decide the outcome of their effort.

So Najam let them decide if they want to change for better and how. If you want to help them as your team member, the BEST way is to go for a course which will take care of theory as well as practice or the application of the "learning". If you don't want to spend a lot of money on it, let them learn from free courses available on the net.

Bandana Sen Gupta
Wellness Coach

From India, Chennai

Thanks Dinesh & Bandana,
Well this list was not circulated to each staff. It was sent to their managers for them to fill in. Dont worry on how many weaknessess one has and the time for correction etc etc.........My question was to see for alternate.
Also my company never denied anyone to save money and not send for course.

From Saudi Arabia
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